The Value of our Salvation

How much does our faith mean to us? What is the value of our salvation?

Watching this video a few years ago challenged me. What am I doing to promote my faith? Apologetics is who we are. Apologetics is a litmus test (a scale or ruler) of my level of relationship with Christ. I realize that some people do not share their faith because of ignorance (they don’t know how) or pride (they don’t want to). But, I believe that most people do not share their faith because they have not experienced a before and after, or, because of a lack of personal change in their own life.

As you watch this video, think about the following bullet points:

·         Do I understand my faith?
·         Is my faith clear enough to me that I could explain it to someone else?
·         To what degree has my faith changed my life?
·         If my faith has had such an important impact upon my life, why would I not share it with someone else?
·         Could it be that those who do not share their faith with others are the people who have not seen a significant change in their own spiritual lives?
·         If I knew that a had 24 hours to live, how would it change my approach to sharing my faith?

To believe that there is a real heaven and a real hell should change the way we behave. To have had a personal spiritual change in your life because of your relationship with Christ should compel you to say something to others.

Let me ask you to watch this video and then look at your faith. How much does it mean to you? and how much do people and their destiny mean to you?