Wellness Is Spiritual

Humanity. We are all tired. Blame it on wellness, sleep patterns, nutrition, or time management. You have heard it said that 'leaders are readers.' I want to broaden that statement. That 'leaders are sleepers.' And they value rest. That 'leaders are weepers'. And they value recreation. That 'leaders are eaters'. And they value diet. And this results in their overall wellness.
I have been speaking about this for several weeks. And it is alarming how many Youth Leaders do not value Wellness. Not for the purpose of vanity. But for the purpose of virtue.
So, in the weeks to come, I want to post a few blogs on the importance of Wellness.

Unhealthy US

It is no secret that America is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world. Statistics say that 34% of Americans are overweight (about 190 million people). Aside from this, there are 33 million people in America who have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Here are a few questions to consider in the coming weeks.

What is the difference between busyness and business? How is your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and your EQ (Emotional Quotient)? Could it be that our materialism will not allow us to have enough? Could it be that we have more pleasure in America but we are as unhappy as ever? Could it be that we spend more time in front of screens than we do in front of faces? When is the last time you played? When is the last time you took a nap? This reality has crippled us.

Rest Is Spiritual

One of my favorite principles in the bible is rest. Some people equate busyness with production. When, in actuality, that is simply untrue. A quick reference to Exodus 31:12-17 and the Sabbath Principle and 2 Timothy 2:1-7 and the Stewardship Principle, will support the priority of rest and the value of sowing and reaping.

As spiritual leaders, we have some important tasks to consider – personal rest and wellness, sermon prep, study, counseling, appointments, leadership development and delegation, personal and professional development, mentoring, administration, community involvement, etc. Balancing these duties of a Pastor (or anyone for that matter) can be devastating to personal health and wellness.

One of the safeguards for a healthy life is rest and wellness. But, it is apparent that there is a play deprivation in our culture. A lack of emphasis upon leisure. And this has caused an increase in anger, lack of creativity, loss of confidence and exploration, and social awkwardness.

Little-known Leadership Trait

We will explore the facets of Wellness that effect Leaders. And thinking about these questions the next few weeks should stir your interest in rest, wellness, diet, play activities, enthusiasm, and, ultimately, result in greater spiritual, mental, and physical health. We will get theoretical and practical with the blogs. So, I'm praying that you will stay in the thread and learn a little-known topic of leadership.

We are not looking for vanity in our Wellness. We are looking for virtue.