Empires Are Falling Around Us

"Empires of men are falling, upturned in moments." Those were the words used by NBC Dateline tonight describing the earthquake in Japan just a few years ago. And, most recently today, "ISIS is moving throughout the world and does America have the heart to crush ISIS?" These words were spoken today on Fox News coverage in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium. As we have watched the devastation again, our hearts go out to the people of Belgium. And France. And San Bernardino. And New York City.


Vast. Without apology. And unbelievable. Yet, these are haunting realities. So many lives have been changed in one day. Lives in another city have been changed for decades as people recover from this mass terror attack on their lives. And yet, with every passing attack, we are becoming desensitized to what is going on as people are terrorized and nations are shaken. The greater need in our world is not that commerce and business, entertainment and media, and even history and education, are all going to be impacted by this. The greater need is the Spiritual Awakening that our world needs.

To simply rebuild airports and heal bodies and minds is not enough. There is a vacuum in the heart of humankind. A nation that simply rebuilds with brick and mortar and counseling and therapy must also have a moral fiber running through it like a spiritual rebar. That moral fiber is where the Church comes in. I get it that social justice and meeting nations at their felt need is central to the gospel. We know that flight plans, building materials, and even staff are all going to have to be replaced immediately. But, we must do more and we can do more for the people of Belgium. And France. And California. And New York City. And the Church and its message are a vital ingredient in rebuilding any society. Especially one that is rebuilding from such loss.

We must pray for the church in this hour to find its platform for service both in rebuilding the natural and the spiritual existence of our world

Let me challenge all of us to two actions. First, to take Fridays and fast and pray for the transformation of our world and the Church. The Church is the hope of the world. God doesn't have another plan. An active and vibrant Church in every community on the planet is the only rebuild that is lasting. And secondly, be generous in giving to a mission-based ministry that can bring the gospel into the lives of devastated people right now. Tithe to your Church and give extra offerings. Give to reputable organizations that do integrated disaster relief globally (Convoy Of Hope, Red Cross, Samaritan's Purse, or World Vision).

As empires are falling around us globally, we must stand and rebuild nations and cities and people with needed mortar and moral construction.