A Simple Plan To Fix America


With everything around us boiling over (terrorism, economy, religious intolerance, and racial tension) what can we control? What can we do about all of this? I believe there are 4 things we can control right now. Our attitude. Our family. Our voting. Our involvement. These can be the foundation of rebuilding our society.

My Attitude

Look at America. From sea to shining sea. You cannot fight evil with evil. In the midst of these monumental crises, we must begin our counter with a plan. You cannot fight evil with evil. Remember, we cannot win the war on terror or the race war battles with more violence and riots first. You win these battles with a plan. Does America have a plan?

What would happen if the UN demanded ISIS to sit at the table and talk? Or be eradicated with an global ally force. What would happen if the President of the United States and Congress demanded from police and community leaders to sit down at the same table and communicate? This weekend. Somehow, beginning with a plan, a specific plan of action, seems needed. We need a plan right now for American and world peace.

God gets involved in leadership. And when He does, the reform we are looking for takes place super-naturally. Healing begins with our attitudes. Change attitudes and we change our society. The Prince of Peace will bring Peace if we ask for His involvement and go about it the right way. But, we cannot run and hide behind titles or offices. In the immortal words of a high school football player in the movie Remember The Titans, "Attitude reflects leadership captain."

My Family

The cornerstone of society is the family. Now, none of us have a perfect family. But, the future of every nation is built upon the foundation of the family structure. How is the family preparing future politicians, clergy, educators, business entrepreneurs, mothers and fathers, doctors, and lawyers? My country will inherit the most valuable resource I can give it - My Family.

According to The Dad Vibe website (http://www.thedadvibe.com/parents-spend-less-than-7-minutes-a-day-talking-to-kids/) the latest statistics show that fathers spend about 7 minutes each day in conversation with their children. That is one of the most telling statistics about the condition of our nation. As you and I have watched the tension in Baltimore this week, we no doubt have seen the young mother who walked out onto the streets of Baltimore to grab her rioting son and bring him home. A great model for our nation to watch right now. Not a perfect home, much like yours and mine, but, that is parental leadership. Where were the other parents, and older brothers and sisters for that matter, this week?

One of the traits of young people in The Teen Decade is teamwork. And they are going to need the family to get through the most difficult times that any generation has had to face. Much of what they should be relying upon is shifting under their feet. The family, the education system, the government, and even their culture are all in flux mode. That makes the role of parents and family so important in the 21st century.

My Voting

Do we value the right to vote? To take serious this privilege of leadership succession in our society. I know, I know. This is simplistic and idealistic. To think that voting could have anything to do with what we are facing today locally or globally. But, that is the impact of great leadership. As a matter of fact, it is simple and ideal. And it's about time we saw our rights this way.

I'm sure that not many of us have heard of the concept 'Lex, Rex', or, The Law Is The Prince. In light of everything going on in America, here's a thought:

If we believe that the law is the prince (king), then we must submit to the rule of the land and trust our appointed leaders. That, of course, begs a common question. Are our leaders acting righteously? And, if not, how does that change our involvement?

Samuel Rutherford, Professor of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Lex, Rex, or The Law and the Prince; a Dispute for the Just Prerogative of King and People, published in 1644 by Reverend Samuel Rutherford may be the default for understanding constitutional limits of Government, Civil Order, and the mutual relationship between Church and State. Rutherford's idea behind the book was in response to the 1644 work by Bishop John Maxwell, formerly Bishop of Ross, entitled, The Sacred and Royal Prerogative of Christian Kings. This work defended the absolute monarchy and the divine right of law by Kings (Princes). In his writing, Rutherford asks 44 questions about the duties of the civil government in governing a nation under God.

My Involvement

Let me take this voting right to the next level. Because Lex, Rex is often taken to mean that the king is not above the law, but subject to the law, at the center of Rutherford's message is trust. That our leadership is integrous. Whole. Un-mixed. If we are going to trust government, we must be willing to get involved at the local, state, and national levels. Because America has instituted and is enforced by its rule through imperfect people over the last 200+ years, our way of life demands that we all get involved. From voting, volunteerism, and praying for our leadership, this kind of involvement in culture will bring justice through righteous means. As Paul said in Romans 12, do not be overcome by evil, but, we are to fight evil with good. That takes an attitude change. To trust leadership and law, and, when opposition is needed, to oppose with passion and order.

Let me close by using one of the 44 Questions that Rutherford asks in his writing Lex, Rex.

Question #17 - Whether government shows the proper fiduciary/ministerial power of a servant

Literally, not that of a lord or dominator, but, whether or not the prince is acting in the proper fiduciary or ministerial power of a tutor, husband, patron, minister, head, and master of a family. What Rutherford was saying is simple. The king as tutor and father over a community. He is the patron servant. As government and royal power only comes from God, the king (servant) is the acting relationship between God and the people.
And this requires a certain conduct within this power (1 Pet. 2.13 and Romans 13.1-5). This should answer any question about the rebellion in culture, or even the church, toward government. If we placed the same kind of passion into trusting government and getting involved in justice that we do into mis-directed anger and rioting, what could be done? I know this sounds insensitive to everyone who has experienced long-term injustice or racism or inequity, but, we are still waiting for the generation who values peaceable means of involvement as action.

What about caring for others and their well-being around us? To give benevolently to our neighbor in need. Serving in a soup kitchen or clothing center. Giving groceries and clothing to para-church organizations. I've learned through 30 years of working in the church that the church is the largest volunteer organization on the planet. And a great place to get involved. Why not place the same kind of energy into civic society? We have always been generous in the United States when it comes to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. What about government action now?

Simple solutions often are waiting to be implemented

Could these few things bring a much needed reformation to America? And save the next generation a lot of the mess we are going through again. Our governing leaders require a moral integrity to govern properly. Because government rule and power are derived from God through the people, we must get involved at every level. Whether they are Christian or not, we want values that are servant oriented. If we lose this at the top, we lose everything right about governing and leadership.

My own attitude, my family capital, my disciplined voting, and my intentional cultural involvement is the beginning of proper national health. And an intentional and unified America could be the global impact we need to fight terror and racism. It will take all of us to right what is going on in America. Let's begin with what we can control.

Leadership at the top stamps its traits on the entire team and nation. I'm still waiting for our government to do something. To say something. For all of us to spend a few minutes with our leader around the radio, computer, and television with a plan. That begins with My attitude. My family. My voting. My involvement. Could these few things bring a much needed reformation to America? And save the next generation a lot of the mess we are going through again.