A Summer of Healing

What a summer. I know we use words like GREAT or AWESOME or AMAZING all the time. In some ways these words have lost their meaning in our language. So, in an effort to be believable, I want to share some things from this past summer. Using words like these, but, with full knowledge of their impact on your thinking. Because we serve a God who envelopes these words.

Let me begin in the area of healings and miracles. Jesus said that we would do greater works than He. This is a difficult statement. Over the past year God has been challenging me in this area of spiritual discipline. With this added desire in my heart, this summer was a summer of healing. From my count, upwards of 90 people were healed. We are still hearing the stories come in. No personalities. A move of the Spirit through students praying for students.

In order to plan for this emphasis I taught on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the students came to receive them. And then use them. You should have seen hundreds of students praying for each other. We, as leaders, were just facilitating the purest movement of the Spirit I have ever seen. Maybe the most important part of the summer for me was to watch the students do the ministry. Here are some highlights:

-A major knee injury that happened during camp to a young lady. She was taken to the hospital and had Xrays that confirmed Patella and Meniscus tears. After some teaching on the gifts, the students laid hands on her and she was immediately healed and playing sports the next day.
-When a young man came to camp with a leg injury he had not told anyone about, he was prayed for by another student who placed hands on the exact spot that was injured. He was instantly healed.
-There were many words of wisdom and knowledge that accompanied the healing services. One of the most notable involved a girl who went to another girl to tell her she had a word for a girl across the room. When she finally went to the girl across the room, the person she went to told her that she was praying for someone to speak to her in that moment. In that moment, she broke down while the girl prayed for her.
-A word of knowledge in one camp about a young girl in the room who had an abortion. Just moments after, a youth pastors wife brought a 17 year old to me and told me her story of an anonymous abortion she had and the guilt she was going through.
-Finally, on two separate occasions, Youth Pastors came to me and found inspiration and anointing to continue ministry. Both of them at moments where they were going to leave ministry because of the discouragement.

In the days to come I will share more about the summer. In the meantime, I will be praying for a greater presence of God on your ministry in the coming school year.