Indiana Teen Camp 2011

Coming back to Indiana brings a lot of memories. Jane and I began our ministry here back in 1985 right out of college and built some great relationships that have lasted for 27 years. We have come a long way in ministry. The first time coming to Indiana we didn't know what we were doing. Let's just say the 'prac' courses were not as developed as they are today in university. In the early 80's it was 'trial and error' and 'the school of hard knocks'. Now, after almost 3 decades of ministry, I am speaking into the lives of hundreds of teens and mentoring a room full of leaders in the place where it all began.

Here's a quick synopsis of my week:

-Just like Iowa a week ago, I have seen young people take over the worship from the worship team
-There are going to be 150 students from Indiana going to National Fine Arts this summer in August (so much talent in the church today waiting and preparing for their turn to lead in the church)
-After the services this week we have sent the young people all over the grounds with their bible and a pen so that they can talk to God and listen to what He has to say to them. As i walked around the camp, I was stunned to see the students take this so seriously and give their time to God in devotion.
-The leadership of this state is strategic and intentional. From the leaders meetings to one on one's, I can see a hunger in the youth pastor's to become great.
-The DYD (Steve Furr) has created a unity amongst the youth pastor's and a serious approach to ministry in Indiana and it is paying off. These are healthy students here.
-I must say that the basketball here is good. Although you can score another victory for me against the students. Over the years in camps, I could count on one hand how many losses the counselors have had to the students in the championship game.
-Finally, a desire of mine is to minister to PK's. These are the 'Pastor's Kids' in our camps. Part of my life's mission is to minister to these key students and see them develop into the kind of people God has created them to be. I have walked up to many of them by the end of the first day of camp and knew they were a PK. This week has been no different. Shout out to the PK's of Indiana!