A Revival of the Family

The undeniably critical mission of the church is to transform lives and culture. As Christians, how do we reach culture with the Good News of Jesus Christ? 

If we knew the answer to that one, our world would be in much better shape than it is. Let me do my best to answer the question.

There are many methods the church has developed when it comes to evangelism. They are varied as Small groups set in the community and city-wide outreach events held at neutral sites. Let me offer a method without weakness. There is one way that the church can meet every age level, every economic situation, every ethnic culture, and every educational background. Where some methods of evangelism can lack the ability to relate to people, the family is one the one institution that speaks a universal language. 

The family is the one institution that is multi-generational, multi-economic, multi-racial, and multi-cerebral in its influence and reach! 

At the core of the heart of mankind is acceptance. The great human need is to find belonging. Healthy families can bring the acceptance and belonging humanity is looking for. Do we transform culture through programs? Do we start with missions movements, justice causes, and global awareness? What about benevolence, homeless shelters, and local awareness? The answer is YES. And the family is the great YES that is truly glocal in influence and reach.  Healthy families are the medium and the method to which we must place most of our focus in order to see souls brought into a relationship with God.

So, what do healthy families look like?

-The atmosphere is constructive and loving
   -There is a balance between the home, the church, the school, the workplace, and the community
   -Parents and children are respectful of each other
   -Family behavior at home and the church are consistent (worship, prayer, devotion, spiritual discussions)
   -Everyone in the family knows how everyone is doing and communication is consistent

Practice these things and seek to develop this kind of DNA in the home. It will take discipline and hard work but will produce the kinds of healthy families the church must create if we are going to see our culture transformed. Celebrate family this week.


  1. Great post Jeff. So simple, yet so true. This is why I believe Satan launches such heavy attacks against "the Family". You look at the condition of most families in the U.S. and you can understand why our nation is in the state it is. We must reclaim our families if we ever hope to see things change for good in our nation. This is where all of us need to start and with God's help we can do it!


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