Dream awake

There is a popular movie that came out this past summer that played on dreams and whether they were real or not.  The movie, Inception, claimed that your mind was the scene of the crime.

Have you ever been sleepwalking? I mean for real.  Like putting into practice the ideas that God gives you when you are sleeping.

I don't mean the one wherer you are floating in the air, or flying, over your city, or running from a bad guy trying to catch you.  What about the stadium dream where you are preaching in front of thousands?  Or the concert dream where you are singing to a huge crowd?  Have you ever dreamt that you were the boss or a great leader or did something great on the athletic field?

Believe that God has given each of us a dream.  A vision.  Something that is unique to us.  Daniel and Joseph, Peter and Paul each had dreams and visions.  Heavenly one's that changed their lives.  The next time you have one of those dreams, decide that you will put it into action.  The next week make a conscious effort to re-enact your dream.  Of course, make sure that you choose the right dream.  Pray before you go to bed and ask God to direct your sleep and to lead your heart.  And in your living moments the following week be a doer of the words