An All-Star who fails 70% of the time

Now, I am not an avid baseball fan.  At least not from May to August.  I enjoy a few months of the sport…the Opening Day Series in April and the World Series in October.  And so, with the end of one baseball season and the San Francisco Giants the World Champions, I want to encourage you with one of the most unique facts in all of sports.

A Major League baseball player can strike-out, ground-out, and fly-out 70% of the time and he is an all-star!  Amazing isn’t it?  They are only expected to get on base 30% of the time.  That doesn’t seem like a very high expectation does it?  With that in mind, I wonder what kind of pressure we place on ourselves when it comes to our walk with God? 

I love Psalm 103 and the way God defines our relationship with Him.  He uses phrases like ‘forgives all your iniquities’, ‘crowns you with mercies’, ‘redeems your life’, ‘abounding in loving-kindness’, and ‘He has removed our transgressions’.  To read Psalm 103 really takes the pressure off of me having to perform.  I don’t need to impress God or produce.  He loves me just as I am and that releases me to trust that His steadfast love is new every morning and His mercies do not cease!

So, step up to the plate, grip the bat, trust your training!  I bet you could succeed more than 30% of the time in life.  And, if for some reason you don’t, you will learn that you are still a winner in God’s eye!