We see t-shirts with messages all the time. I saw one the other day that started me thinking about this post. The message on the T was 'Don't read this message, read a book'I had a few thoughts when I saw that shirt.

My first thought was, 'I'm pretty glad I don't HAVE to read another book. I'm done with high school and college.' Then I thought, 'Hold it, I love to read.' Another thought that ran through my mind was, 'You are a book dude, and your life is a message.' And that got me thinking. If you could create your own T-shirt message, what would it say? Do you have any non-negotiable life values? Are there certain principles that you live by that you will never walk away from? All of us have a t-shirt message that we would like to create.

The PATENTS of our life that we want to leave for the next generation. The DNA that comes out of us when we are squeezed. Or, the TWEETS that are read from our social media.

Here are my T-shirt messages that I might place on a T-shirt someday. Since most of them are too long for a T-shirt, I put a hashtag with each one. They are definitely my life statements and reveal the message of my life:

'To go somewhere you have never gone, to do something you have never done, you have to find someone who has been there and done that' #beentheredonethat

'It is not time for ONE person to rise up in our generation. It is a time for an ENTIRE generation to rise up as one.' #bettertogether

'If the Church is in the hands of the young people that I see across America, the Church is in great hands' #youthofanation

'It is not my responsibility to raise princes and princesses. Young people are already princes and princesses. It is my responsibility to raise Kings and Queens'


'This present generation has never seen a true spiritual awakening. They have heard about the past and have been told it was coming in the future. But, they have never seen an Awakening for themselves.' #TheNextGreatAwakening

'It will be easier for God to give you authority in culture PUBLICLY if you have first gained access with Him in scripture PRIVATELY'

'The greatest Sociologists on the planet should be Youth Leaders'

'He who stands to win this generation to his cause will win this generation to his cause. Why? Because our generation doesn't know what to believe in.'

'If every generation loses its absolutes and its non-negotiables, where will the next generation find its principles?' #gotvalues

'There is no such thing as a closed Middle or High School. Only a closed vision.'

'The more you pray, the more you pray' #praymore

'All of us need someone in our life that we are afraid of. Someone that we give access to our life. And someone that we give the right to say anything to us. If we don't have that person in our life we become our own boss.'


'If we don't see a revival amongst the youth in our generation during The Teen Decade, when will we?' #TheTeenDecade

'My ceiling is your floor' #

'I now know what it is like to look a 15 year old in the face who is not overseas to take pictures or to go on a vacation' #livedead

'Is Christianity an EMOTION to you, or, is Christianity a MISSION to you?' #ministryneverstops

'Do the right thing. Always do the right thing.'

'When I get buried, they do not have to place my dreams and ideas on the tombstone with me. for I will have lived them.' #

Maybe this will get you thinking about your non-negotiables and your values. Hopefully you have them. Now, start thinking about them and write them down. Tweet them out. The patents of our life are worth leaving for the next generation