It Only Happens Once In A Century

Once In A Century

It only happens every hundred years. Most people will never get to experience it. But, we get to live in this time of history. I call it 'The Teen Decade'.

In 2013 I began introducing this term called 'The Teen Decade'. It only happens once every Century and lasts 7 years ('13-'19). We are in the middle of this "Teen Decade". Because this is something that we probably will never experience again, what are we going to do with this decade? I say focus upon Youth Leadership and Development. It is the one way to create a cultural sustainability.
|   Think about it this way. If our children and teens don't learn racism, drug & alcohol abuse, sexual perversion, and family dysfunction from adults, they change America in a decade.   |
Here is another blogpost to challenge Youth Leadership to rise and lead this generation to its greatest achievements and ultimately impact upon our nation. Because the principles of one generation will become the practices of the next generation.

Here are 4 traits of Youth Leaders who are going to shape this culture during the last 3 years of this Teen Decade:

Great Youth Leaders do not underestimate Spiritual Leadership disciplines (prayer, fasting, worship, etc.) and see those around them transformed by the presence of God and the fruits of the Spirit on their life. We need greater reliance upon a presence-based ministry than we do on a program-based ministry. I cannot tell you how often I hear students say they want to know their Youth Leaders more. That requires Leaders who have prepared their lives before their programs. The greatest lasting impact upon a teens life will come in a spiritual relationship. Something they lack greatly.

Great Youth Leaders do not underestimate Natural Leadership disciplines (communication, relational, organizational, administrative, etc.) and see those around them transformed by the gifts of the Spirit upon their life. On the other hand, there are also the moments that follow spiritual preparation. When a Leader takes their natural gifts seriously and knows how to work in them. The natural gifts are so much more powerful when the spiritual fruit is intact.

Great Youth Leaders will operate in Creativity and ingenuity without losing genuineness. Creativity and ingenuity is powerful if it is real and genuine. Be yourself. But stretch yourself also. How can you capture the minds of this generation? I believe the greatest Sociologists on the planet should be Youth Leaders. To reach the young people of America is to secure our future. We assure a religious sustainability as the Church when we capture this generation and their imagination with the gospel. We do not need to apologize for the gospel. It reads like a hit-list of best-sellers. The Holy Spirit is well-equipped to reach the young people of the 21st Century.

Great Youth Leaders find someone they are afraid of who will be an editor in their life. We all have heard of 'the accountability partner'. I get it. And have used that concept for years. But, I want to introduce a different term for this needed personal coaching. We all need an editor in our life. Beyond accountability. Someone who is allowed to cut away or to remove or to change how we talk, think, or act. See, we do not remove our own lids very well. We need someone who is given the power to edit us. There is no replacement for a 'Yoda' or a 'University' in your life to push us to greater levels of leadership.

Spiritual ICONS have a great opportunity to impact this generation of teens because there is a leadership void in America. I am believing for the greatest Youth Awakening in America that the Church and society has ever seen. If you are in development or ministry to the Youth of America, work these characteristic traits into your life. Check out these traits in my upcoming blogs for more details. These emphases will not disappoint. In the following years we will visit this theme periodically. My guess is that a book is coming out of it. Just not sure who is going to write it. ;)