Empires Are Falling Around Us

"Empires of men are falling as they are upturned in moments." 
-NBC Dateline on the Japan earthquake of 2011
Those were the words used by NBC Dateline describing the earthquake that hit Japan. As we watched the devastation in Japan 5 years ago, or, countless other tragedies over the past 5 years, I am moved again today on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Just think about the news over the past few years:

-Japan saw the worst earthquake in country's history
-5th largest in world history
-Terrorist attacks globally with hundreds dead
-The financial crisis
-An unprecedented attack against the family

Incomprehensible. Vast affect and changes. What have been at one time empires of the American way of life have been upturned.
Aside from the natural disasters of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, we are seeing the crumbling of the American economy. And the fear of terrorism take our American security. And the redefining of the American family. So many changes that have caused us to rebuild our homes, work place, schools, and future.
Empires. Cornerstones. How do we rebuild these? Remember, God does not abide in Washington or Hollywood, or Wall Street. Our hope is found in Christ and the Church. A nation rebuilt with brick and mortar must have a moral fiber running through it like a spiritual rebar. That moral fiber is where the church comes in. And without it, the rebuild is incomplete. The church and its message are a vital ingredient in any society. Especially one that is rebuilding from such loss.

We must pray for the church in this hour to find its platform for service both in rebuilding the natural and the spiritual fiber of our nation. 

Let me challenge all of our readers to two actions. First, to take every Friday to fast and pray for the spiritual transformation of America. And secondly, be generous in giving to a Church or mission-based ministry that can bring the gospel into the lives of devastated people right now. As our lives are falling around us, we must stand and rebuild the Empire with needed mortar and moral construction.