5 Causes Of Dysfunctional Sexuality

One of the growing concerns in the Youth Culture and the world today is dysfunctional sexuality. And it manifests itself in many ways. Maybe foremost is pornography, illicit relationships, a lack of respect for people, and ultimately the Human Trafficking rise globally. No doubt Human Trafficking is one of the more tragic outcomes of dysfunctional sexuality.

A Network Of 7 Billion

We may live on a planet with almost 7 billion people on it, but, many young people are crippled by loneliness. Loneliness on a planet of 7 billion people! Add to this the social media access and you have an explosive addiction that is almost unreal. Although adolescent loneliness is an extensive problem today and much research has been conducted, it is debated as to what it exactly means for an adolescent to be lonely. The most common definition is an "unpleasant experience that occurs when a person's network of social relationships is significantly deficient in either quality or quantity” (Uruk and Demir). No doubt there is little quality of health in a life separated from others and set upon pornography. But, let's not stop at loneliness. Here are several causes of dysfunctional sexuality.

What I want to focus quickly upon 5 causes of dysfunctional sexuality: loneliness, social media access, bullying, the break-up of the family, and a diminishing role of the Church. Few other things are contributing so heavily to Human Trafficking than these. The wicked scheme of Satan to lure a generation away from their creator and vital relationships is unparalleled. A life of slavery to lust, drugs, sex, or even a vocational opportunity and billions of dollars is luring. But, there are things that we can do to stop this movement.

Here's how these conversations of dysfunctional sexuality with teens go:

LONELINESS - I have had many conversations with teenagers who are lonely and not one of them like it. They were craving conversation and healthy relationship. Go out of your way to speak to a teenager. It may not only save their life, but, it may save many lives because teens will find conversation and not be preyed upon by strangers.

SOCIAL MEDIA - In speaking with hundreds of teens about social media use, they admit that it is out of control. Yet, the shallow conversation, pornography, and global information base that is social media is relentless. A disciplined handling of mobile phones and computers and the internet is elementary to raising our children.

BULLYING - Many students have told me you either have to bully or get bullied. That is where our relationships are at in this teenage generation today. Tribes are important and can be safe. But, creating doors in tribes is crucial so that we do not alienate students from each other. Respect for each other is crucial to healthy sexual thinking.

BROKEN FAMILY - The more teens I speak with the more I find that teens are not only being raised in a fatherless generation, or a motherless generation. They are being raised without their siblings also. And the loss of each of these is fatal to a teenager. How many times did your big brother or sister speak into your dating life? Whether you want to admit that or not, that is a safeguard. 
ROLE OF THE CHURCH - Teens are being raised without a theological voice that is relative to them. And every week the Church is missing in the sexuality discussion is too long. The Church needs to understand cultural issues much better. And speak to the issues from a biblical perspective. We cannot raise another generation who is void of Theological fortitude.

Conversations With Teenagers

Of the teens that I have spoken to who are addicted to pornography, never have I found one of them to be happy or celebrative about that. Not once have I met a teenager who said they would trade healthy relationships for social media addiction. Not once has a teen admitted to me that they enjoy getting bullied. I have never heard a teenager say to me that family doesn't matter and they don't need a mom or a dad or a brother or a sister. And both Church and un-Churched students have told me many times, I am unfulfilled in my life even though I have everything. God and the Church is the answer for the hole in every person.

Fighting the Human Trafficking phenomenon requires our step by step dealing with each of these sectors in the life of our teenagers. If we can raise a healthy generation of young people in these 5 areas, everyone wins. And our generation puts a death sentence on dysfunctional sexuality and everything that it causes.