Lessons From My Broken Palace

The first lesson from our Palace is that even though our Palace might be broken, there is a King and Queen in every Palace.

 Our family is going through a hardship right now. And I have learned some lessons I would like to share with the young people of America. In Psalm 71.7 and 18, it says, "My life is an example to many because you have been my strength and my protection...let me proclaim your power to this generation, your mighty miracles to all." We cannot go through this without sharing our struggle with this generation. Our prayer is that 10,000 teenagers will come to Christ through our trial.

I ran across this little booklet several years ago. And one of the phrases that God has been speaking to me about is the idea of 'My Broken Palace'. This concept is the title of the teen outreach booklet from Book of Hope, USA.