What Will It Take?

What will it take? Where is The Tipping Point?
What is the easiest way to turn an entire nation to God? Blessings, ease, and comfort? Look how that has worked in America's past. Or maybe it will take tragedy, disaster, and peril? That didn't work after 9/11 either. What is the easiest way to turn an entire nation to God? A natural disaster like the tornadoes in the Mid-west or Hurricane Katrina? Whatever it is, we need it.  

Playing On A Teeter Totter

There are always Tipping Points. When the momentum swings in the other direction. Sitting on a teeter totter is a lesson in up and down. It only takes a small step or a weight switch to change the momentum to the other side. The bible talks of 'suddenlies' when everything was changed in a moment. Maybe it will take a supernatural work of God to bring our nation to faith in Christ. A nation waking revival of miracles, signs, and wonders. 

Do we think the gospel stories were simply apostolic outpourings and not for today? When is the last time you read through the gospels and thought, "Why do these things not happen today?" I believe the lack of signs and wonders is more an issue with us. We have so much dependence upon stuff and materialism that we fail to rely upon God. And this shifts the balance to natural living and not super-natural living. It shouldn't be that difficult for this generation because we are mesmerized by the spectacle and the super-natural.

Looking at our nation this week, I have been burdened. And I'm praying this prayer all week.
"God, I believe that you are about to get our nation's attention. Bring a sweeping awakening of your supernatural power over our land. God, awaken America with your works. Signs and wonders that follow your people. Interrupt camps, and conferences, and meetings. Surprise us in our daily lives with a move of the Spirit. And may every un-believer see your glory and turn to you because of this." 
Is Everything Really OK?

Could it be that is exactly what will awaken our country? In the face of complete failure as a nation, are we going to keep trying our own ways in vain? How long will we say 'everything is ok'? What will it take for a whole nation to turn to God in desperation? Where does our help come from? Certainly not the government or the media. Certainly not you or me. You have heard the often told definition of insanity. "Doing something over and again, but, expecting different results." 

In John 3 we are introduced to the baptist. He was unique. Radical. He lived on the edge. And came into the region of Israel with the prophecy of Isaiah ringing in his ears, "The voice of one crying in the wilderness..." Wilderness is an apt description of America today. And we need more of the Baptist's who have come to a generation and to "prepare the way of the Lord". There is no argument that our nation needs a wake up call. Contrary to pop psychology, everything is not OK. 

His Presence Was There To Heal

The Chafin family couldn't be any more desperate for God's intervention to heal their daughter Jaylee. The Mauk family in Missouri needs a miracle healing for their father. And many more are suffering in our nation. I know how they feel. Our family was there just 10 months ago. And we decided to believe. To fight. And God showed up for us. And your family is going through something right now. Will you cry out to God tonite? All week? I know He will show up for you too.

On a regular day in the first century, Jesus was walking through Galillee. As He was teaching the people, the apostle Luke says that all of a sudden the "power of the Lord was present to heal" the people. In another story, by the pool of Siloam, the waters were stirred periodically and the presence of the Lord was there to heal whoever was brought to the water first. The Spirit is moving today. And you must know that when that happens, there are moments and suddenlies when sovereignty works. What if this week was a moment for America?

Hope is powerful. Believe. Have faith. Speak your words with confidence. Fight for your healing. Do not accept anything else. Let's show the Lord that we are desperate for the greatest outpouring of healing that America has ever seen. Increase your expectation. That His works would open the eyes of an entire nation. Stand and see the salvation of the Lord this week.

There is a Tipping Point when momentum swings and the 'totter' is swayed in the opposite direction. Don't quit right before the momentum swings your way.