Unforgettable Selfie Moments

We are obsessed with selfies and before/after pictures. You have seen them. For example, there's a selfie with NO ABS – and a selfie with ABS! Listen, we love to role play. To go to a place where everything is perfect. Even Coldplay created a ‘PARADISE’ where you could run away in your sleep. Can you think of a few moments in your life you would like to have back? Or, can you think of something you did that you are glad about?

For me, I am glad there wasn't Twitter when I broke into the school store over Christmas break when I was in High School, or that I didn't Instagram the moment I threw blueberries at the cars on the highway when I was in middle school. I do wish that I could have done both of those the day I walked over to Jane’s table when I was in college. We went on a date the next week and 33 years later...

These kind of moments are what drives a generation to selfies. The moments we may not want to forget and often we hope never to remember. To do something about the present situation and place it in photographical history. 

Throughout the bible, there have been many 'selfie' moments when I'm sure if Twitter or Instagram was available, there would be many 'likes' and followers. The moments lives were changed through SUDDENLIES: Moses was picked up from the river, Noah built the Ark, Joseph was released from prison, David was anointed King, Elijah cursed 42 children and they were killed by a bear, Jacob wrestled with God and won, Mary was delivered from 7 demons, Peter preached to over 3,000, Thomas was a doubter until Jesus walked up to him, John was exiled to an island but had a vision that changed the church, and Lazarus was dead until Jesus raised him from the dead!Can you imagine the impact of that selfie!?

Christianity is about change. Revolution. Reversal. Switch. Before and After. And it can be easy for us to think that we cannot affect the world we live in. But I want you to know that I believe God wants to use this generation. Not the next one. This social media generation. If we can look for the suddenly moments where God meets us in the mess, or, where He turns everything around for good, we can introduce God into our world to create unforgettable moments. Phones/Cameras ready. Die to Selfie. And get ready to be like correspondents on the ground. What are the selfies you will leave behind for this generation?