God's Great Interruption

"We interrupt this program for a special announcement..."

Interruptions. None of us like them. We like our lives to be predictable and sterile. In America, we default to cautious and safe. Nothing out of the ordinary. Don't distract me when I'm on the phone or watching the game. And stay out of the kitchen if I am cooking. We take the same roads to work every day. And we haven't moved our furniture in the office or at home for years.

However, interruptions are the way of the Kingdom. And they are contrary to western Christianity. A quick read through the Bible will show the interruption of Christ into the life of Jerusalem and proclaiming a message that was not in vogue. Then, following in His footsteps, the Apostle's entered every city they came to and turned it upside down.

Me and many of our students at north Central University are praying through the end of the year for an American renewal that begins with the youth of America. 

I have been encouraged by an outpouring in early American history in university's across our nation. Many schools saw a major revival spread through the east coast. But, more recently, something happened that has caught my attention.

Specifically at Asbury College. Read the following report of what happened just a few years ago in my lifetime.

Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky
A revival broke out in Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, on Tuesday, February 3rd, 1970. The regular morning chapel at 10 o'clock saw God move on the students in such a way that many came weeping to the front to kneel in repentance, others giving testimonies of confession of sin, and many stories of brokenness. Lectures were cancelled for the day as the auditorium filled with over 1,000 people. Few left for meals. By midnight over 500 still remained praying and worshiping. Several hundred committed their lives to Christ that day. 

By 6 a.m. the next morning 75 students were still praying, and through the day the chapel filled again as all lectures were again cancelled for the day. The time was filled with praying, singing, confessions and testimonies. In 6 weeks over 1,000 young people were called into ministry and gave their lives for service to the kingdom.
Asbury has been known through the years for its history of great revivals. On several occasions when significant moves of the Holy Spirit swept the across the nation.
In February 1905, during a blizzard, a prayer meeting in the men's dormitory spilled out to the rest of campus and the town of Wilmore.
In February 1908, revival broke out while someone prayed in chapel; the revival lasted two weeks and was signified by prevailing prayer and intercession.
In February 1921 the last service of a planned revival lasted until 6 am, and services were extended for three days.
In February 1950 a student testimony led to confessions, victories, and more testimonies. This went on uninterrupted for 118 hours and became the second leading news story nationwide; it is estimated that 50,000 people found a new experience in Christ as a result of this revival and witness teams that went out from it.
In March 1958 a student fast/prayer meeting spilled over into chapel and lasted for 63 hours.
In February 1970 student confession and testimonies led to 144 hours of unbroken revival; some 2,000 witness teams went out from Asbury to churches and at least 130 college campuses around the nation over the next year.
In March 1992 a student confession during the closing chapel of the annual Holiness Conference turned into 127 consecutive hours of prayer and praise.
In February 2006 a student chapel led to four days of continuous prayer and praise.
Here are my Prayers of Interruption through the end of the year:
Don’t doubt in the darkness what God gives you in the light…
God needs to interrupt our lives with an undeniable flash of light as He did Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9). It doesn't matter how bad it looks. We need to develop a fighter mentality in the face of a culture that seems to dim our light. Just because it may not seem like it, God is still moving. And the light is always brighter than the darkness. He is just waiting for us to catch up with what He is doing.

The Will of God…
God needs to interrupt our lives and bring a sovereign move of His will. God's will is not for revival. He desires that we don't need it. But, when it is needed, He will certainly release a move of the Spirit. Life is His will. And where there is death, His Spirit is ready and willing to send abundant life to replace the darkness upon a land. Remember, He WILL give us the desire of our heart.

Repentance and Confession…
God needs to interrupt our lives with deep conviction. This may be the most under-appreciated aspect of Christianity. In a world where "I'm OK, You're OK", pop psychology has kept us from admitting our need for a Savior. Even if Jesus were accepted by the majority as the Son of God, we have created a self-help society that doesn't need assistance. But, repentance is the key to revival.
A Breakthrough From Oppression... 
God needs to interrupt our lives with His power. Authority is needed in the face of Satanic opposition upon this nation. And that requires a church that is willing to ask for God's power in our weakness. We cannot do this on our own. Throughout scripture Satan has opposed Adam, Eve, Noah, David, John, Peter, Paul, and even Jesus. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

READINESS. Are we even aware of Christ's presence? An encounter is before us. Will we miss it. God send us a much needed renewal. And don't let us miss it. Send your light, do Your will, bring deep conviction into our hearts, and break the enemy's power.  

CYL #redchairlife Prayer Meeting – October 9th, 2014