The Classic: David in a Goliath World

The first of four Blogs reviewing the Summer of '14...

A look at the condition of young people in America is revealing: We need the greatest move of the Spirit in the midst of the greatest need of humanity. A transformation of epic proportion.
-More than 2/3 of teens will leave their faith after high school. Why? 87% of the college kids surveyed said it was their friends who led them away from the church.

-Although 8 out of 10 US teens say they are Christian, only 2 out of 10 also claim to be “absolutely committed to the Christian faith”

-Only 50% of Christian teens read their bible once a week and only 30% know the Ten Commandments.

And just recently, MSNBC boasted that Christian University’s policies of abstinence and sex outside of marriage as wrong, is “not a very fun experience for college students". Where are we getting the moral fiber of our nation? Is MSNBC telling us that unless you have sex before marriage we cannot have fun in college?

As Christian's, we do not conform to this world. It is our responsibility to transform this world. We do not live by the 'pop' standard. There is an obvious daily choice that we obey scripture or culture. And that is the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. God we know. Jesus we know. But, do we know the Holy Spirit? 

That's what this summer was all about. The Summer of '14 was an attempt to see our Christian teens empowered to be producers in our culture rather than to be consumers of it. I believe that was the original intent of God to Adam before everything went wrong. Throughout history God has had young culture shapers. David wasn’t afraid in front of giants, Esther wasn’t afraid of Kings, The Little boy and his lunch were at the right spot at the right time, and even Jesus was used a kid.

Summer Review #1:
 To be The American Christian Teenager, you must be filled with the Spirit of Christ. Look at DAVID, The Giant Killer, 1 Samuel 16-17 (1 Samuel 16.13, “the Spirit came upon him”)

As Samuel was looking to appoint the next leader over Israel, he has gone through all of the young men in Israel and cannot find the right leader. Until he asks Jesse, is there anyone else? Jesse calls for David and he fins favor with Samuel. And is anointed and set up as the next king. It is at this time that the Holy Spirit “rushed upon David from that day forward.” (1 Samuel 16.13)

What a moment. Have you had that moment? It will be the strength of your life as you walk in culture. And shortly after this, the Philistines rise up against Israel for 40 days and taunt them. Goliath was 9 feet tall, 125 lbs of armor, and he had a spear that weighed 30 lbs. This warrior came for 40 days to taunt Israel. And no one in the entire nation would face him. Accept David. You see, the Spirit will stand you up and not allow you to sit idle in the crucial moment.

The bible says that David ran to the battle. Why? Because he had done this before. With everyone in Israel standing at the camp and listening to the Giant taunting them, David steps up. And this is what he says to the people. I can take him just like I was able to take a lion and a bear while I was watching the sheep. God will show up as He did at other times. He didn’t even use any armor. He simply knew. And as David drew toward the giant warrior, the warrior and his shield bearer came to him and mocked him. You just know when the Spirit is on you. And not even 'sticks and stones' will hurt you!
What David said next is what every young man and woman in America must learn to say in the face of opposition or danger. “You come to me with a sword, an extra man, and a javelin. But, I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts whom you defy.” Are you even upset that our culture has defied Christianity? The Philistine culture was trying to overtake Israel. And for 40 days nobody did anything. Until one young man, filled with the Spirit, did something about it. When is the church going to raise up some young men and women who get ticked off when the opposition mocks God? We have raised a bunch of teenagers in America who would rather look like the world and this culture than they would try to change it. 

My Summer of '14 was to see The American Christian Teenager become producers in culture. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you He will stand you up and not allow you to merely be a consumer.