Spoken Word on the Cross

I have been reinventing my ministry this summer. In a changing cultural milieu, it is important that the gospel be as clear as possible. And so I have been doing Spoken Word. Here's one from my message on 'The Duct Tape Cross' from the opening Senior High Camp service in Wisconsin last week. I wrote it from the classic hymn, Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace. Took my place. The cross is the center of humankind.  From genesis to our time. The crux of human memory. All of history looked forward to it. All of eternity looks back at it. Hell looks up at it. And all of heaven looks down upon it. It is not an adornment on a family patio, or, merely a prop in some Icon's music video.

How sweet the sound. Profound. The cross is a statement. A constitution for the Kingdom and all those who seek it. And without it Christianity is not legit. The Romans tried to end a movement. But instead it began a revolution. A solution. A sound for the ages. 

That saved a wretch like me. And you. From the thing, that lies in the hearts and minds of every pauper or king. In every person on every continent from every generation. No denying so stop trying to say you're OK. We are not OK. It's not a struggle or that you're in trouble. It's not a problem or that you have an issue. Let's be serious. Sin is sin. A wretch is a wreck.

I once was lost but now I'm found. And not just me. But you. We once were lost and now we are found. Profound. A hope for a new day, like sunshine and clear skies. Help for a new way, like directions on the highway and signs to a new place. Me and you now in the right place.

Was blind but now I see. Clearly. Simply. Like binoculars at the game we see. As a dream that you want to be real. For real. Open up your eyes and see and trust. It's a plus for your loss. And vision for all of us. No darkness or blindness or hindsight. But 20/20 like LASIK for your life.

Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound, That Saved A Wretch Like Me, I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found, Was Blind But Now I See. For all everywhere. For every time. The Cross of Christ for humankind.