The American Christian Teenager

Summer is a time to make memories. Movies are released, music hits the airwaves, and the teenage crowd is out and cruising. And what about SUMMER LOVE? What will you remember from the Summer of '14?

Summer 2014 is here and Youth Camps have started all across the country. This summer I am continuing The Teen Decade series, The American Christian Teenager. It is a definition of what a Christian Teen looks like in America. Set in our culture to redeem our culture back to Christ. And every teen needs a SUMMER LOVE. We have had many sign up for our movement in the past 2 years. Our goal is 1,000 in this decade who will fall in love and "do the five":

WEEKLY PRAYER & FASTING on Fridays for our schools
MONTHLY WITNESSING to someone who needs to hear your story
ANNUAL MENTOR in your life to take you to the next level
LIFETIME OF PURITY in a world that is looking for a model of how to do relationships

These disciplines are your SUMMER LOVE and they will change your life. They are your 'circles'. The areas of life that you must win to be a revivalist or a renewalist. Each of you know that you cannot change the globe until you change your circle! So many stories coming out of these camps. I have a stack of letters from teens sharing about their lives being meaningful now that they have committed to "do the five".

God has begun a great work in the lives of young people this summer. Restoring and healing so many students from what is broken: dysfunctional families, identity crisis, cutting, drugs and alcohol, sexual sin, lust, materialism, violence, or even from bad peer relationships. Check out the Facebook site and read through some of the stories. We will be posting them all summer. It will take you close to the camps and give you a glimpse of what God is doing.

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