My T-shirt Message

All of us have a t-shirt message that we would like to create. The PATENTS of our life that we want to leave for the next generation. The DNA that comes out of us when we are squeezed. Or, the TWEETS that are read from our social media. Here are my 'Top Twenty' life statements:

'To go somewhere you have never gone, and to do something you have never done, you have to chase someone who has been there and done that' - The importance of having a mentor in your life

'It is not time for ONE person to rise up in our generation. It is a time for an ENTIRE generation to rise up as one.' - The urgency of the hour we live in

'From what I see in the young people of this generation, if the Lord tarries, the church is in great hands' - The future of the church

'It is not my responsibility to raise princes and princesses. Young people in the Kingdom are already princes and princesses. It is my responsibility to raise up Kings and Queens' - The role of Youth Leaders and spiritual formation

'Millenials do not have a clear definition of Christianity. They will have to discover this by themselves and bring a reform for the ages.' - The failure of one generation to pass on their faith to the next generation

'We do not merely pastor youth in our churches. We pastor youth in our cities.' - The breadth of our calling and influence

'This present generation has never seen a true revival. They have heard about the past and have been told it was coming in the future. But, they have never seen one for themselves.' - The hope of a coming revival to those who desire it

'It will be easier for God to give you authority in culture PUBLICLY if you have first gained access with Him in scripture PRIVATELY' - The relationship of scripture and culture cannot be separated

'The greatest Sociologists on the planet should be Youth Leaders' - The importance of contextualization and understanding culture

'He who stands to win this generation to his cause will win this generation to his cause. Why? Because our generation doesn't know what to believe in.' - The leadership needed where there is a vacuum of leaders

'If every generation loses its absolutes and its non-negotiables, where will the next generation find its principles?' - The influence of one generation passing on their Christian faith to the next

'There is no such thing as a closed Middle or High School. Only a closed vision on how to get on campus.' - The creativity (buying season sports passes, coaching and volunteering in the classroom, tutoring, attending school activities and events) needed to get on the campus that may not allow visitors during teaching hours

'The more you pray, the more you pray' - The reality of increased prayer through praying

'All of us need someone in our life that we are afraid of. Someone that we give access to our life. And someone that we give the right to say anything to us. If we don't have that person in our life we become our own boss.' - The value of having someone with authority in our life to bring correction

'If we don't see a revival amongst the youth in our generation during The Teen Decade, when will we?' - The 7 year moment we are in from 2013-2019 that only happens once a century

'My ceiling is your floor' - The fact that if our proteges do not do greater things than us, we fail them

'I now know what it is like to look a 15 year old in the face who is not overseas to take pictures or to go on a vacation' -The time when I spent a week with the Live Dead Missionary Kids in Africa

'Athletes believe sport is their way to worship Christ. Much like musicians believe that music is their way to worship Christ.' - The gifts we have and how we use them

'Do the right thing. Always do the right thing.' - The only thing to do all the time

'When I get buried, I hope they do not have to place my dreams and ideas on the tombstone with me' - The waste of unsaid or unfinished business

What are your T-Shirt messages? They must be original and they must be the patents of your life that you want to leave for the next generation.