Humble. Pure. Ministry. Dedicated. (My Wife)

On this 2014 Mother's Day, I want to use this blog to thank my wife and mother of 3. After dating for three years in college and now married for the past 30 years in ministry, here are my 4 favorite things about Jane:

First, she is one of the most humble people I know. Having had to live in the shadow of a husband pastor who is always in the spotlight, and, having raised three gifted kids, Jane has always celebrated our family at the expense of yielding her gifts and talents. She has pushed our abilities to the forefront selflessly. She is full of wisdom, a great counselor, one of the most administrative persons I know, humorous, and a very capable mentor/teacher. But, she has always placed her family before herself.

Second, she is pure. We have a joke in our home that "mom has never sinned." With such a great heritage, Jane has always been a great example of righteousness in our home and to everyone who knows her. From my firsthand view she has accomplished this through consistent spiritual formation,  high standards, and dedicated church attendance and involvement. All of these things have helped her be the woman of purity that we have seen for years.

Third, she is dedicated to the church and ministry. When we were dating, most of our early conversations were about ministry. We dreamed a dream together. So many young couples do not ever have ministry conversations early in their relationships. Jane has had so much focus in our marriage. We never had to separate family and ministry because she helped us manage the chemistry between the two. I have said many times to the young people that we have pastored and that I now teach today, do everything you can to marry a person who matches your life goals.

Finally, she is a dedicated worker. Aside from raising our children, cleaning our home, doing the laundry, managing the kids crazy schedules related to school, athletics, and church, finding time to mentor a group of young ladies, balancing the needs of ministry life, and even working a job outside of the home. The kind of pressure she has had would cripple most people. But, she has met all of these responsibilities with grace and hard work.

I haven't even mentioned the songs she has sung to our kids that no songwriter could pen, her artistry and creativity that no artist could produce, and the way she carries herself with class above what any Hollywood icon could display walking down the Red Carpet. Jane Grenell, Happy Mother's Day.