Nobody Creates Culture Better Than A Teenager

In this Teen Decade that we are in, one of the things I would like to call American Christian Teenagers to is creating culture. The best Sociologists do this. And teen Christians are the best Sociologists. And who better than Daniel to learn from creating culture. In the face of fire and lions, he changed all the rules. How?

Creating culture takes many things. But, let me give you 2:

Knowing - Understanding Context is the first step to creating culture. Knowledge is powerful. I love downtown Minneapolis for a reason. I love the city. And its power. I was born in San Francisco, lived in Detroit, and now live in the heart of Minneapolis. My understanding of a rural setting is not as keen as my understanding of the urban setting. For me to be most effective for the kingdom requires me to be in setting. Generally, types and kinds reach their own. And so it takes all kinds of people to reach all kinds of people.

The reason advertisers do marketing analysis is to find leans in a target sector or to create trends for their product. Ultimate culture creating is preparing the culture for your product. What better way to impact our world for Christ and the Gospel than to prepare our own life so that it can have the clearest effect on the world we live in? I can understand my culture when I do a few things:

                  LISTEN to the people and speak their language

                                             GET INVOLVED serving and volunteering
                                                                                                           PRAY for the culture

Being - Understanding Self is the second step to creating culture. Being is more powerful when we have knowledge. God only created one you. To be anyone else erases you from His plan. Be the best you. Nobody else can do that. My personal life will be the best effect upon my context. I have learned working with teens and adults in 30 years of Youth Leadership that your love for something (especially yourself) brings great confidence in life. A healthy self understanding is a sweet spot to be in.

What are your strengths? What are your skills? What do you do better than anyone else? These things are what you should bring to the table every day. I know what wakes me up every morning. I cannot wait to see my family (or at least hear from them). Aside from that, I want to see a teenager. If my day passes and I cannot effect the life of a teenager, my day was a loss for me. Sleep almost becomes a distraction to the things I love to do. How about you? Do you love:

            RETAIL and working with people?

                                             TEACHING and shaping a child?
                                                                             GOVERNMENT and civil service?

One of the great culture creators of history was Daniel. Read through the book of Daniel this week. He understood the rules in Persia quite well. But, he also knew himself and what God had called him to. And in the face of opposition that appeared in a Fiery Furnace and a Lion's Pit, Daniel changed everything. Not only the laws of fire and hungry lions, but, also, the laws in Persia. You can create culture everywhere you go by observing and listening, and, by being the best you God created. The relationship between Knowing and Being are very powerful in culture creating. Don't forget the powerful words in Daniel 11.32, "The people who KNOW their God will be strong and DO mighty things."