A Revision for the Ages

The youth in America today are growing up in a different world from the one their older siblings grew up in only 10 years ago. Whether we are talking about the marriage amendment, the rewriting of moral codes in culture, the redefinition of rape, the legalizing of marijuana, or even the freedom of religion in the classroom, we are seeing a shift in the American constitution and the direction of our nation. By constitution I mean not only our own make-up or moral fiber, but, also, the Constitution of the United States.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. And 80% of Americans claim to be Christian. If that is true, how did we get here? The moral degeneration that has happened over the past few decades must be stopped or what is next?

The Constitution of the United States was completed with Christian philosophy in mind. Our forefathers, although not perfect in their values (i.e., slavery or even equality), placed our nation on a course. A course that none of these founders thought would one day question the issues raised above in this blog. But, we are here. And our conservative values and Christian philosophies have been redefined by a growing progressive liberalism. Why are some of the absolute values of the Christian past being exchanged for a new dogma? 

There is no doubt about the intention of our founding fathers for our nation. But, why are we struggling with the kind of dialogue and truth revolt as we are today? Since when do we have to stop teaching the founding Christian principles of our nation and start teaching all other religions as the norm? Since when do we have to forego our conservative values in the face of secular humanism? 

Let me tell you when. Here are 4 culture-shapers in America today that have re-written the American constitution:

1. Tolerance. The inclusion of everything as equal at the exclusion of Christianity as our historical guide. Any society that replaces absolutes with tolerance will lose its moral compass. And will place non-negotiables into the public square of discussion. That will only produce more confusion. 
2.  Leadership failure. In the church and culture. And this has caused a lost focus upon traditional Christian values. As our personal constitution was coming under attack and secular humanism was rewriting codes, we missed our opportunity to correct this. And our religious leaders fainted in the day of adversity and pressure. At the same time, leadership in the public arenas like the media and government have pushed the envelope in this religious leadership vacuum.
3.  Loss of respect for authority. We have become averse to correction in our personal lives. I'm convinced that most of the reason we are where we are today is the human condition. And this must be corrected. Contrary to public opinion, it is alright to have a teacher or king or mentor in your life.
4. Entitlement. If you don't like the conservative nature of America, move somewhere else. We are not only entitled, but, we think that we are owed something. Last I understood the laws of sociology, there are codes in every society that must be adhered to for there to be peace and safety.  

Because the Millenials have lost the Christian principles that should have been demonstrated to them by my generation, they will have to discover these by themselves. The redefining of America will need to happen as this generation of young people seek the truth and transform our nation in a revision for the ages.

And it is to that end that my generation owes it to this generation to finish strong by leading and mentoring with consistent Christian living.