The Teen Decade: Disciplines Lead to Personal Revival

Over the past 2 years, one of the things we have been calling youth leaders to is "The Teen Decade". It is the one time in a century that we have the teen years (2013-2019). There are 7 years in this time frame and this is a great time to place an emphasis upon young people.

America needs another awakening in the teenagers of our country. America has seen probably three spiritual shifts in her history. And we are poised for another spiritual renewal soon. To usher this shift into modern America, we are asking for 'A Thousand Personal Revivals' that will spark the next Great Awakening. A 'personal revival' can be attained simply - when our spiritual life becomes our most important focus. It can be attained by grace, through faith, but, with discipline. The following disciplines:


The American youth culture is in desperate need for a spiritual renewal. This should be one of the most exciting times for the youth leaders and the youth of our country. At a time when the hearts of young people are failing, it is a great time for spiritual youth leadership. But...


Those things are important to a holistic youth ministry. I know that teens want to party. So do I. But, programming and events are not the central catalyst for an awakening of national proportion. That takes something different. Because, when it comes to youth ministry...

 1 Corinthians 13:11,
“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” These disciplines are the characteristics of a generation of young people that have sparked biblical revolts and revolutions. Young people who have put aside child-ish things and become child-like.  A quick perusal of young people in the bible who have impacted history would find that their lives were marked by spiritual discipline. And they are examples for each of us. To mimic or model some of these traits and mind-sets of reforming young people can be exactly what our nation needs at this time.

Here is how this spiritual awakening can take place...
DAILY REPENTANCE OF OUR SINS - Next time you are struggling with any kind of besting sins in your life, walk in repentance immediately. Pray in the morning when you get up, at lunch time while you are eating, and before you go to bed. Similar to your earthly relationships, we do not want to have any kind of separation between us and God. Regular communication and honesty with each other and with God is a slate-cleaner. Keep your heart fresh by asking for the grace of God momentarily. Do not wait until Sunday or Wednesday or a weekly service to ask for forgiveness.

WEEKLY PRAYER AND FASTING - Join a movement of young people who are praying 30 minutes every day. When you wake up spend 10 minutes in prayer. At lunch take 10 minutes in prayer. And, before you go to bed take 10 minutes in prayer. That is the place to begin. Praying around the world for everything from the family, the church, culture, and nations. Every Friday we are fasting lunch and praying for revival around in America.

MONTHLY WITNESSING AND EVANGELISM - Every chance we get we should be looking for opportunities to share our story and God's story with people. Paul said, "I once was...." What a great statement. Every believer has the same story. Or, you have not been Born Again. Do something. Stop complaining about how others may be witnessing or evangelizing, and do something. As D.L. Moody (the famed 20th century evangelist) said, "I like my way of doing it, rather than your way of not doing it." The value of planting seeds is as important as the value of leading someone to Christ. Take the first three weeks of every month and pray for one person that you want to lead to Christ. Then, the last week of the month, serve them and share the story of God with them. Stop waiting for someone else to bring the message of the gospel.

ANNUAL MENTOR IN OUR LIVES - One of the fastest growing Master's Programs in the country is Executive Coaching. The Fortune 500 Companies around the world are employing executive mentors to take the ceiling off their profits. If you don't have someone in your life that you are afraid of, you are missing one of the key spiritual deposits for your spirituality. You cannot attain spiritual maturity and revival without having conversations with a spiritual mentor. Peer or neutral conversations do not yield spiritual revival. We all need someone in our life that will tell us the truth and edit our lives. Find an older pastor, deacon, leader, or respected adult that you will give the freedom to speak into your life.

A LIFETEIME OF SEXUAL PURITY - The sexual revolution that we are living in is unprecedented. Young people are growing up in a day that has no boundaries. It all starts with your music, movies, television viewing, reading, and internet use. If you do not have practical guidelines for your principles, you will probably not be able to keep them. In your dating relationships, never turn the light off in a room with the opposite sex, never lay down together, and always keep the car in park! Scripture memorization is vital to the power of your mind.
If we are going to see an American renewal, it will take all of these disciplines to get us there. In the coming Teen Decade, pray for your own personal revival. Then you will be able to reach the young people that will be leading our nation in every sector of social life. Education, government, business, entertainment, and even the church. If the Lord tarries, we will not see an American renewal without these disciplines.