5 Lessons I Learned in Kenya...

Jane and I returned home tonight from Kenya, Africa from the Missionary Kids Retreat for the Live Dead Arab World. We spent a week with Junior High and Senior High students whose parents are missionaries all over Africa and the Middle East. A week away from the US has challenged me again in my love for teenagers and some mixed thoughts about topics such as commitment, sacrifice, materialism, intercession, time management, and spiritual maturity. 

Let me share with you 5 things I learned this week about young people in America and young people outside of America.
 First, I witnessed that young people in the Live Dead movement have so much joy in the midst of hardship. Talking with one young teenager, we heard the story of how his entire family was kicked out of the country they are serving. They had all of their possessions taken from them and had to move to another country to begin a ministry in a new land.

When I asked the young MK what the hardest part about this ordeal was, he replied, "They stole my bike. But, it doesn't matter much because it was kind of roughed up anyway." What an attitude and perspective. #livedeadperspective

Second, I now know what it is like to look at a 12 year old in the face who is not overseas to take pictures or because he or she is on a holiday. So many times I hear from young people in the US after returning from a missions trip that the best part of their trip was a beach day.

I have seen more pictures of mountains and third world children and less talk about changed lives and personal revival. #livedeadalways

Third, I have learned that the young MK's will not return to a deck of a Game Lodge overlooking a beautiful lake after their MK Retreat. They were returning to places without power, running water, movie theatres, quality education, or safety.

Jane and I did see a movie the week before we left for Kenya and spent a day on an African Safari on the deck of that Game Lodge the day after the Retreat. #livedeadleadership

Fourth, I have learned that most of the young people in America do not have the biblical knowledge that young people in the Live Dead movement have. This is the cause of parents who expect discipline in the Word from their children. And because American students have so many replacements for their time.

One time while I was preaching, a student corrected me with my usage of a person I had mi-quoted from my text. The maturity in the Word is evident in these MK's. #livedeadtheology

Finally, I have learned that because the young people outside of the US do not have all of the other comforts that American teenagers have, it doesn't matter to them.

They have a lot of things they would like to share with American teens. And it has nothing to do with Prom or Halo. #livedeadtomaterialism

Kenya taught me that it doesn't matter whether you are an American or a Kenyan. It matters whether you take Christianity serious or not. One thing for sure, I cannot stop thinking about the Missionary Kids around the planet doing work for the Kingdom. Matthew's words in 16.24 have become the standard by which we measure the development of a convert into a disciple.

Missing Africa already. But loving the excellent internet and looking at my pictures of mountains and third world children. Maybe I have some work to do in my own life.