Empty Mansions

Here's a random thought today. Not much behind it. But, I felt a theme in my head all day. Here it is.  Empty Mansions.

Both of these mansions are empty. Why would such design and magnificence and beauty be empty? A palatial estate such as these should never be empty. It is quite a contrast indeed. Why?

Some things were meant to be enjoyed. Mansions would be on my list of enjoyable places to be. The space and the freedom to roam. Ceilings that are too high to see. The yard where you could run until you are tired and still be on your own property. And what about all of the extras? Pools, gardens, lakes, Jacuzzi, athletic facilities, and bathrooms. Your own bathroom!

Listen, in the book of John (14), Jesus said that in His Father's house are many rooms. And that if He prepared one for you, He would take you there to see it. Great for you. But, it would be a bummer if you had to live there alone. A mansion should be the happening place. Unlike the pictures in this blog, there should be people, conversations, stories, and a big a party. But something is missing. People.

So, fill the house of God. And populate heaven. Share the good news with people as often as you can. Look for ways to be the host to the largest mansion party in humankind. Heaven. Because the only empty mansions should not be found in heaven.