Youth Leadership in Small Group Settings

Because students require a little different approach, youth leaders should be as intentional as possible when it comes to small group leadership. One of the traits that set apart small groups in a youth setting is the discussion or application for the topic.  The following are many creative assignments to be used in a youth small group setting:

Q and A
-Ask questions that are relative periodically throughout the teaching
-Type questions on a piece of paper and have the group take time to answer them.  Then, have the group turn them in and you read them.
-Do a live Q and A at the end of your teaching
-Assign the group to interview someone related to your topic and then discuss it the following week

Writing assignments
-Write down as many words as you can that relate to the topic
-Write a letter to someone that you must forgive
-Make a list of the things that you must stop doing and give it to someone in the group for accountability
-Have the entire group text you a question on the topic, have the group text each other throughout the week and then save the texts and read them in the next group.

Breakout into groups
-Give the group a chance to discuss the topic before you speak on it
-Give each group a piece of paper with a part of the teaching on it and have them talk about it and bring their findings back to the whole group
-Have an inspirational quote from your topic typed up and give it to each of the group members to put in an important place where they can read it often
-Ask the group to come up with ways to apply the teaching.  Then, have the groups share with everyone.

Object lessons
-Have the whole group wear a t-shirt the next week that relates to the topic of study (you will have to tell them ahead of time what the topic is going to be)
-Right after the lesson, have the group find an object in the room, purse, backpack, wallet, etc. that relates to what they have learned in the lesson
-Place an apple in a paper lunch bag and seal it in front of the group.  Over the next month teach about how things can get into our life and make us rotten.  At the end of the topic series, open the bag in front of the whole group.
-When teaching on surrender, collect everyone’s purse, wallet, keys, and cell phone.  Then give them back at the end of the lesson.

-Use the following places to find great videos for discussion of your topic: