What do Israel, the Roman Empire, and America have in Common?

There is no greater impact upon culture than the impact of a spiritual renewal. What we can not accomplish through our natural efforts can become reality through a spiritual awakening. We CANNOT meet the task of an American Renewal without the Holy Spirit’s power.

Zechariah 4.6 says that God spoke to the king that they could not build the Temple "'...by might, nor by power, but, by My Spirit', says the Lord.'"

A brief run through history proves the point.

We have seen the transformative power of the prophecies of Zechariah (and other prophets such as Jeremiah and Joel), as they foretold of a coming power upon the people who would do something of significance for God and His Kingdom. Great outpourings of the Spirit have taken place throughout time. It began with the supernatural transformation of the spirit upon the nation of Israel to rebuild the wall in Nehemiah’s day. And then we saw the power of the Holy Spirit move upon the people to rebuild the Temple in Joshua’s day. And into the New Testament we see the supernatural transformation of Saul/Paul to bring about a sweeping church planting movement in the Roman Empire. And I believe it will continue today through the supernatural transformation of you and me in Modern America. The Holy Spirit is the instigator of each of these movements.

This text wasn’t just Zechariah speaking to Israel 2500 years ago. It is that same prophecy that has been igniting young people throughout time. Young people in Israel, young people in the Roman Empire, and young people in America today. All of them have been raised to bring about a significant spiritual revival upon their nation. 

*Just a few weeks ago, MSNBC boasted that the Christian University’s policies of abstinence and “Sex outside of marriage” is wrong and “not a very fun” experience for college students.

*And just two weeks ago, we saw the shock on the faces of some of entertainment’s ICONS and the outcry from even the secular media reviews of the loss of restraint that MTV showed in the VMA’s. 

Listen, if the church doesn't stand up for righteousness, someone else is going to stand up for un-righteousness. There is no argument in theology or history of the fact that almost every revival in humankind has begun with young people, but, is sustained within a multi-generational cooperative with the Holy Spirit.

Zechariah’s prophesy was for Joshua to rebuild the Temple, for Paul to rebuild the Roman Empire, and for you and me to rebuild America. He is saying that it will take the supernatural transformation of the Holy Spirit assuring the people that their work of renewal will be assisted by His sovereign hand. We may be buried under weariness, fear, and even our enemies. But, God is going to give us every help we need.

Hear me today. We CANNOT meet the task of an American Renewal without the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives.