A Movement Of Youth Prayer This Summer

Not just an American. Not just an American Christian. But, The American Christian Teenager. Real. Genuine. Powerful. A generation of young people who are rising up as authentic believers who want to see an awakening in our nation. And they want to lead it. They are unwilling to wait another generation for what God wants to bring now.

What shows me they are serious is the level of prayer. The depth of intercession. There is a movement of prayer happening in the young people of our nation. What I see all across our nation are Jocks, Alternatives, Geeks, Artists, Musicians, Middle School, High School, PK's, and Pagans all becoming The American Christian Teenager.


See, in the New Testament, the disciples never asked Jesus to teach them to heal. Or to teach them to evangelize. Or to teach them to worship. Prayer is the one thing the disciples asked Jesus to teach them. Why? Because it was the one thing that impacted them the most. It wasn't the miracles, or the evangelism, or the worship. It was the way He prayed. And they wanted that above everything else they saw in His life.

That is the one thing they wanted from Him. And we are no different. Each of us should be asking the Lord, "Teach us to pray." Because by prayer we can see signs and wonder and miracles. By prayer we can see the greatest outreach the world has ever seen. And by prayer we can see worship that draws the nations to Christ as the one true God.

This summer I saw thousands of teens praying. Praying to God for their own lives, their friends, our nation, and the world. What I saw this summer was inspiring. As young people were praying they brought healing into the lives of theirs friends. As young people prayed for their friends, I saw dozens confess Christ as their Lord and Savior. As young people prayed and sought the Lord, I saw some of the most intense and genuine worship.

And if the future of the church is in the hands of these young people, the church is in good hands. Because the young people of this nation are learning how to pray. And that will transform their lives into becoming The American Christian Teenager.