Training the Next Generation of Leaders (an adaptation from OneHope, Rob Hoskins, Director)

This is a great read from Rob Hoskins, a strategic player in the global missions of the Assemblies of God. Some great thoughts about the challenge that we face to raise up an effective and sustainable youth ministry and youth development process in our movement. He is specifically speaking about the crisis in Egypt. However, there is considerable need for the principles in this article to be born into the global fabric. I have placed my thoughts in and around Rob's excellent article to create a think tank for ideas and action. Please read and react.

When the US and its Western allies invest in helping build more schools and creating youth jobs and training, rather than just appeasing the military with support for their armaments, we will be creating a sustainable world one nation at a time. And beginning the strategic rollout of national awakening by empowering the next generation. If the new government can create stability and equilibrium, the Church should work towards creating strong local Church-based and para-church initiatives in economic development, education, entertainment media, social media, and youth development sectors.

Helping the Egyptian church (and other nations as well) to empower and train their children and young people to be a Daniel generation is a must. A Daniel generation is one that rises up amidst the present failing youth culture with ideas and actions that are biblically based and that can, as a powerful majority, provide wisdom and council to a nation seeking answers in challenging times.
OneHope has invested in youth empowerment camps and programs to help the Church listen to and invest in the next generation. We need a greater relational strategy between OneHope and the University as we train young people for global involvement with the church. Specifically the church in Egypt right now.

In most cases, nations and societies have marginalized young leadership, when they should have been creating plans to raise up young Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego's that ‘understand the ways of the Babylonians better than the Babylonians’, but know when not to ‘eat the King’s meat’. Additionally, one of the characteristic traits of the Old Testament tribe of Issachar in Israel, is that they 'understood the times and knew what to do about them'. This made them a powerful force and a generation of young sociologists. As Jesus said in the book of Matthew, 'we must become as a little child' to inherit the kingdom of God. Not childish, but, childlike.

Let’s pray for several things as we see nations unraveling:
-Peace for all the people
-Wisdom for the government, educational, private, and social sectors to work with the church
-The church to be willing to take risks and involve themselves with others in raising up this generation
-We need the Christian Educational system to cooperate with the church to train our young people for leadership in every sector of life
-Pray right now for the Egyptian church and its leaders so that they could have its finest hour in the midst of the darkness at this time
-Ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to put all of this together

Praying for Rob Hoskins and OneHope (as well as other organizations) that are trying to champion the cooperation and the collaboration of the church (and Christian education) and culture to accomplish this strategic training of young people for world leadership.

As a professor in the School of Ministry at North Central University, and a leader with the Center for Youth and Leadership, I am working to accomplish this.