Good Friday?

A Good Friday? Not for Christ.

He was falsely accused.

He was mocked. He was laughed at. He was spat upon. He was slapped. He was severely beaten. He was paraded through town. He was stripped naked. Then, they sold His clothes while he was crucified. As He was taking His last breaths, they speared Him in His side. And He died.

He was innocent.

Now, you can call that a Good Friday from your perspective, but, from Christ's perspective, knowing what He was about to go through that day, He tried to appeal to the Father for another way. The process that Christ went through that day was unlike any day in history. The range of emotions went from prayer and intimacy, disappointment, fear, hurt, anger, exhaustion, and incredible pain.

Of course, we have in the back of our mind that all of this had to happen. It was inevitable. But, it certainly wasn't good on the surface level. It was terrifying. It was horrific. It was how the Father related to our sinful condition. It was a holy God becoming incarnate. It was the lowest point in humankind and history.

Sure, without death and the shedding of blood there can be no life. It is the cost of redemption. But, it isn't Good. Nothing about Friday was Good. Knowing what was set before Him that day, even Christ would have preferred another way. But, there wasn't another way.

 And the sun set on that critical day in history.

What would happen the next 48 hours was horrendous. It was war. And when Christ died, what took place in the hours to come was strategic as He stood face to face with Satan and demanded the keys to death, hell, and the grave. His presence in the halls of hell shook the plan of Satan and won the victory for mankind over sins grip upon our lives.

And that is why Friday was so critical. But, Sunday was so Good.

What a morning. The sun rose to a perfect day. While humankind was waking, the news was about to break also. The events of the past few days would change the course of our history. The depression, the hurt, the anger, and the disappointment would change quickly. As the news of Christ's resurrection spread from just a few disciples who witnessed it, to the then known world, hope were rising. For some reason everyone felt better. The prophecies were coming true. And Sunday was a Good day.

Hear me, the cross was the center of history. All of the past looked forward to it. All of the future looks back at it. All of heaven looks down upon it. And all of hell looks up at it. So, today, remember how critical this day is. And remember, Sunday is coming...