Modeling Christ To Youth In The Teen Decade

Youth Leaders must set themselves apart in every area of life. As Paul said in 1 Timothy 4.12, "...set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."  Wow, what a great expectation. If we are going to have maximum impact upon this generation, we must think about modeling excellence in all of these areas of life. 

Spiritual leaders are more than simply people of structures, procedures, and mission. On one hand, a spiritual leader will make decisions and determine policy, and, on the other hand, a spiritual leader will try and shape the ministry culture through more than a set of structures, procedures, and mission.That is where the heart comes in and the spiritual life of the leader.

How can we reach young people today? Try your spiritual life.

Speech - Your words. The kind of things you are speaking into their lives. A culture in the youth ministry of pulling gifts out of their lives.

Life - Your actions. How we model Christ before our students in our daily lives. If our lives played on a movie theatre screen, what would the title be? 

Love - Your acceptance. The atmosphere of your youth ministry should be acceptance. The students should be running back to the youth service and the ministries we organize. 

Faith - Your preaching and teaching. Don't kid yourself. Events, activities, and mission projects are all vital traits of a healthy youth ministry. But, the preaching and teaching of the Word is the non-negotiable.

Purity - Your spirit. Youth leaders need to walk through this American culture and show the way to a pure life. In the midst of political, entertainment, and sexual revolutions, we must model to young people the right way to live.
Youth Leaders must set a pattern in front of our young people that is easy to follow. Beginning with Paul's words in this text is a great place to start for all of us. requires that we work together.