An Inauguration Prayer for 2013

Praying Proverbs 21.1 on this Inauguration Day 2013:

"The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, as rivers of water, He turns it where He wishes."

Praying for President Obama to grow into this kingship and leadership. That God would reveal Himself in the days to come. That God would speak to him. We must be praying for a group of new spiritual leaders in Government. We desperately need a new breed of leadership to bring God back into our ruling and ultimately our nation. 

Look where our natural ideas have gotten us. I think it’s time for a spiritual awakening to drive our nation's recovery and greatness. President Obama said, "America's possibilities are limitless. We possess youth, drive, diversity, openness, risk, and reinvention." Those are all limited w/o God. Our ideas have done no more than what we see in our country right now. We don’t simply need more of our ideas.

One thing that must be captured from our past is the reverence of governmental leadership that once relied upon God. It now relies upon ingenuity. It now relies upon natural skill-sets. It now relies upon oratory skills. It now relies upon intellect. And look where our reliance has brought us. Societies need more than ideas. Societies need the blessing that comes from the Presence of the Creator.

After Kelly Clarkson sings that great hymn and anthem "Our Country 'Tis of Thee", she closes the song with a phrase. She sings, "Great God our King", and the response of the crowd is overwhelming approval. Then, the next person up to speak replies, "Wow." We should be used to the presence of God in our nation. But, we are not. That song was anointed. The “Wow” was that something we must have more of in the days to come.

Pray with me on a regular basis for our President. Proverbs 21.1 does not have to merely be an Inauguration Day 2013 prayer. May our prayer every week be, "The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as rivers of water, He turns it where He wishes." God, move our leaders and our nation where you want to lead us.