My Christmas Prayer in 2012

God gave me this prayer today for America:

"Father, I am praying and we are fasting for hurting families today. Heal with your presence. Speak to them by your Spirit. The parents, children, and community of Newtown, CT and Anytown, USA.  The people you have created need you desperately. God touch American government, culture, education, and entertainment with the greatest awakening our nation has ever seen. May revival come out of suffering. May it be born out of agony. Don't let this moment pass without your visitation.

Please heal the broken-hearted. Bind up the wounds of the hurting. Hold them in the palm of your hand. Bring angels of heaven and men of the earth to care for them. Anoint leaders of your church to speak words of the Spirit to each of them. Give them visions in the day and dreams in the night. Appear to your people and reveal your great plan and your love for them. Speak to them and surprise them with your voice. 

History cannot help us now. We need your immediate interruption in the midst of our groaning. In moments like these we cannot meet the task without divine help. All in a sudden moment, shake our foundations and the world views that we have stood upon without question. And show your presence to America now. 

I ask that our mindsets would be changed and that our ideologies would be challenged. Shake belief systems that are built upon personal opinion. Reveal yourself to the atheist. Warm the cold heart of the hypocrite and the apostate. Shed light in the darkness. Truth in the lie. Tear down strongholds and arguments that exalt themselves against you and your kingdom. Please revive America and the church.

May the church be greater at law and still more at loving. May the church burn deeply with the passion of your words and the passion of your heart. May a revival of holy and unmerited love draw our nation to your light. May we see the greatest move of your Spirit upon America in 2013 than at any time in our history. Do this in our homes, in our communities, in the marketplace, in government, and in the church. 

Oh God, turn your face one more time to our nation before we forget. Oh God, our Creator, call us all back to your ways. Use a broken humility, a rushing wind of your Spirit, and a tidal wave of an awakening to your glory as never before."

My Christmas Prayer 2012