Kings (and Presidents)

"I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people; for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceable and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” -The Apostle Paul, in 1 Timothy 2:1-2

The position of the Presidency is bigger than anyone who has ever served in that capacity. Because of the responsibility of the Presidency, no person could rise above such a position. It is a shadow and a presence that resides over any one person. Whether we do no like the personality of Barack Obama, agree with the political platform of Barack Obama, or believe in the religious faith of Barack Obama, we must pray for him, his family, and the cabinet who serve with him daily.

God has convicted me and challenged me to pray 4 things for America:

First, to PRAY AND PETITION AND INTERCEDE that the calling of the Presidency and the hand of God will shape President Obama into the person that God created him to be. He is, after all, a child of God and not the enemy. Pray with me that almighty God will shape him into the best husband, father, and President he can be. That President Obama will find himself in the presence of God daily as the Spirit is guiding him to an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Second, that THANKS-GIVING would be the speech of the American church as it relates to all of the authorities over us (government, civic, corporate, and spiritual leaders). Our words are powerful and they create attitudes that in turn create actions. What kind of actions are we creating with our words? Hateful? Racist? Divisive? Or, loving, healing, and unifying?

Third, I am praying for PEACE AND QUIETNESS in our world. That our leaders would create this with their words and actions. That we ourselves would do the same. And that this peace and quietness would spread across the planet by our powerful example of Godliness.

And finally, for the youth in America (and specifically the church) to rise in cultural influence in this coming "Teen Decade" of 2013-2019. Seven years of youth revival and leadership like we have never seen in history. For youth to rise in natural and spiritual leadership in every community.

Remember, Kings are placed in their position by people and by God. And don't you doubt that Kings can be shaped by his Almighty hand. One of the things missing in our present culture is respect and submission to authority. It is difficult for a society permeated with narcissism and autonomy to submit to authority. But, it is in submission that we find great strength. Because ultimately we are submitting to God Himself.

We must resist the arguments that beg "there are no absolutes", or, "let's vote on principles that have been accepted as truth for years". Where will that lead in another ten years? Are we going to be able to marry our sister or our pet in another decade? A society without absolutes is a society without restraints. Try removing traffic signals, signs, and the speed limit in American for just one day. Is that the kind of chaos in culture we want to create?

In closing, what does Paul say this will bring? His answer is clear in 1 Timothy 2. Peace, quietness, Godliness, and holiness. Our prayers for President Obama and America will bring great healing upon our land. Pray for God's Almighty hand and that the power of His Spirit would remain upon our nation in these coming days.