A Move of the Holy Spirit (you must read this)

I have never seen anything like this in my life. And that is embarrassing. And disappointing.

The Holy Spirit came into the camp tonight and healed many people. Upwards of 40 people healed tonight. We are still hearing the stories come in. No personalities. No mark-up. No gimmicks. Straight move of the Spirit through the students. Time will tell this story.

I taught on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the students came to receive them. And then use them. You should have seen hundreds of students praying for each other. We, as leaders, were just facilitating the purest movement of the Spirit I have ever seen.

Here are a few things God did tonight:

-A youth pastor who was injured playing ball yesterday. Instantly healed from a back and leg injury as the students prayed for him.
-A girl with Crohns Disease (feeling the pain while in the service) was instantly healed. The rash that accompanies it was gone also.
-A young lady with crutches from an infection and swelling that kept her from walking at all was prayed for and nothing happened. She came up one more time at the end and the Spirit healed her and she threw the crutches and was jumping up and down.
-A young boy who had 2 cracked ribs for several weeks and could not breath very well and was sore to the touch when he walked in the service. He was healed and I was pressing on the two ribs and he had no pain. His breathing was perfect.
-A girl who has many allergies and can see the affects of them immediately was healed when she felt God touch her. She went and ate some peanuts (which would have swelled her face up significantly) without any reaction. She was visibly moved by God's love for her to heal her.
-A young lady who had a concussion about two months ago and living with constant headaches. She could not shake her head. When the students laid hands on her and prayed, she was totally healed. I had her shake her head and she did it easily without pain. She was broken over the love of God for her.

There were many more. Most of the students or leaders who told the stories of what God had done were astonished and broken. I just got back to my room to brag on what God is doing at this camp in Michigan. And to ask you to receive His gifts and allow God to use you for His glory.

Although some are still praying, there are hundreds of students who walked out of this place tonight knowing that God heals today. And, He wants to use this generation.

No personalities. No glory. Except for His.