Preparing for the Greatest Revival in World History

A catchy title. But, one worthy of development. We are 6 months from what I am calling The Teen Decade. I have been challenging youth leaders globally with this blog series for the past year. Please take a look at the previous posts on this subject and get acquainted with the objectives. Basically, I have been posting about leadership traits and ideas to shape the young people of our nation during the coming 7 years of 2013-2019.

Most of these blogs have been on the characteristics of effective youth leadership for the coming years. Things such as relationships, currency, mentoring and coaching, theology, leadership ceilings, balancing the family and ministry, para-church and community involvement, contextualization in the youth culture, youth culture traits, etc. The young people that we work with demand that we model effective leadership that is both spiritual (integrity) and natural (skill-sets).

But, here is another challenge.

I am idealistic enough to believe that one good idea can last a long time. See Jesus and His work as one example. How about the one little high school student who wanted to pray around her flagpole in 1990. Her youth pastor and some friends ran with her idea and 22 years later most of you have gathered at flag poles across America for SYATP (See You At The Pole). It all started with one young girl on a rainy morning in Dallas. There have been many 'tipping points' throughout time that attest to the staying power of a good idea.

I'm going to try one. Every Friday the next 7 years I want to ask you to pray and fast lunch (or a whole day) for the greatest American Youth Revival the world has ever seen. Why Friday? Because its mystery meat day. Not really, although that would be a great reason. There is a better answer.

  • I thought that it would be the perfect time to get ready for the weekend
  • To stand against the temptations facing students after a football game and to give them strength to withstand the pressure of the party invitation
  • We could also use that day to prepare for weekend retreats 
  • To pray for planned evangelism or outreach efforts
  • For the purpose of interceding for our friends who are going to be out of control on the weekend
The students that we are working with have the greatest opportunity to see the greatest revival in world history. Why? Because they are living in the worst days. And that assures that God and His mercy is going to be poured out. Sometimes it takes the worst of times to bring about the best of times. Our students will be known for seizing this timely opportunity, or, for snoozing through this important time in history.

Any planned effort of prayer and fasting is powerful. Remember Jesus' own words in Matthew 6 as He was teaching about fasting? He said, "When you fast...", implying that we would. There are so many other thoughts and texts that I will unpack in the weeks to come.