How Important Is Family To You?

How much do you care about the family? In the last couple of posts we have talked about the family. Let me do one more post on this topic and get us thinking. I love statements that turn the temperature up in the room when we start talking. You know, the concepts most people don't like to talk about. Issues that divide.

Help to spread healthy discussions on family. Here are a few statements from a book on family I have been reading by Charles Sell. Weigh in on these and let me know how you feel.

                                                        Talking points as it relates to family:

1. “Family doesn’t seem to be as crucial to churches as it is to the public” 

-True or false 

2. “The families we are born into and those we live in as adults shape us from birth to death. They are the immediate cause of our best and worst times”  

-Can you think of major formative events in your life? I'll bet most of them involved your family.

3. “The success of the family is dependent in large part by the involvement of the church in the building process of the family” 

-What is the role of the church in family?

4. “The family is the most important institution / organism in society”

-What could be more important than the family and its ability to train /raise a generation with its principles? (media, entertainment, music, education, or the church are mostly run by families)

5. “Many pastors’ families are in so much trouble that the pastors avoid the subject of family ministry because of their own situation” 

-Is the real reason we don't hear messages on this because of the dondition of our minister's homes?

6. “The family is the entry point in the community for the un-churched to come into a relationship with Christ”

-What are the best ways or programs that promote evangelism and the gospel that are generated by the family?

Let me hear your thoughts. Let's see how much we agree or dis-agree. Conversations welcome.