The Current Best Evangelism Tool For America

In our last blog this past week we dealt with the family and its role in culture to impact people for the kingdom of God. Christianity should have a multi-faceted approach to the evangelization of the world. Do we implement personal evangelism efforts, city-wide outreaches, community justice programs, and inter-faith meetings? YES. All of these. However, there is one area that Christianity should have remarkable gains in this present day. That is the influence of the family upon society.

True contextualization is "a phase of natural language processing, following language use, and whose purpose is to evaluate the implicit representation of a certain culture." All that said, the family is set into the context of American culture. And because of this, the family must do something with this relationship credit. The separation of mankind and God through sin demands a strategic frontal message that the family could bring very effectively. Healthy Christian families must bring the transformation needed at the core of our culture and in the lives of people.

This blog today is a look at the practical discussion of the Signs of a Healthy Home. Let me give you 7 signs of a healthy home:

-The atmosphere is constructive and loving (safe and genuine)

-There is a balance between the home, the church, the school, the workplace, and the community

-Parents and children are respectful of each other (honor is vital to health)

-Family behavior at home and the church are consistent (worship, prayer, devotion, and spiritual discussions are not reserved for the church setting)

-Everyone in the family knows how everyone is doing (develop spousal, parental, and sibling communication)

-A Sabbath day of rest is vital to family sanity and strength (plan a day without assignments, chores, and deadlines)

-Forgiveness and grace result in healthy relationships (allow the family to fail and help each other move forward after failure)

When we create healthy homes it will be easier to transform our communities. Work on these traits and build them into our homes for more effective outreach in our culture.