Have you ever thought of Jesus as a teenager?

Have you ever thought of Jesus as a teenager? 

We see plenty of scripture detailing the account of Jesus in His early childhood. Some great content of the history, family, and revealing stories about the life of Christ. And then there are many more scriptures about Jesus and His later years as an adult. What is missing are the teen years.

Have you ever thought of Jesus as a teenager? 

He is downtown at the marketplace with His brother James. The two run into a few other friends who want to  go skip rocks down at the sea of Galilee. The boys throw a few stones and it's now Jesus' turn. He picks up a stone and gives it a throw across the water. All the way to the other side of the Sea. 

Or, maybe He and James have just gotten home for supper. James was out running around with his friends and hanging out at the market. He and his buddies were playing games and climbing trees. Jesus was alone in town by Himself. Mary is setting the table and Joseph walks in from work. They sit down to pray and then begin to eat. As the boys are eating, Mary says to them, "What did you do today boys?" 

James starts telling how he went down to the market with his friends to hang out and then how they were climbing trees and playing other games. As James stuffs his mouth with another roll, Joseph turns to Jesus and asks Him the same question.  

Jesus replied, "Well, I was walking through the market and there was a man who had a crippled hand. I asked him to raise it to heaven and he was healed. Then, when I was walking by the temple, some of the rabbi's were talking and and I stopped by to speak with them for awhile. On the way home, I ran into a leper and prayed with him and he was healed." You should have seen the look on James' face.

Let me take a little freedom and give you what I believe would be the 4 teen traits of Christ:

First, His creativity. Can you imagine being in an art class with Jesus? Painting a sunset, carving some wood, corralling the sheep herd, or fishing with the fishermen would not be a normal adventure. 

Second, His perspective. Such great focus in the face of temptation. When everyone else was pleasing their peers, somehow I don't see Jesus going along with the crowd. He would see with such a greater perspective and a view to the eternal that would change the way He made decisions.

Thirdly, His relationships. Purity in His dating relationship. What about going on a date with Christ? Where did he take a young lady? To the temple for worship or to a soup kitchen for the poor. Could you see Him volunteering and serving around town in the para-church organizations? A model Son.

Finally, His personal life. Whoa. How do you have devotions with yourself. Do you end your prayers the way we do? "In Jesus, ah, My name, I pray, Amen."

Just some thoughts to all you young people out there. Remember, Jesus was a teenager just like you. Model your life after these spiritual traits of Christ. Pray for the creativity of the Spirit. The same Spirit that walked with Christ on the earth when He was 16. Ask God for the right perspective. Grow in maturity with the world around you and all of the injustice and suffering. Maintain Godly relationships with everyone. Forgive and serve. And finally, discipline your personal life in every way. Both the natural and the spiritual.