What is the value of our faith?

Listen to this video of Penn Jillette. He is speaking about the kind of urgency Christians must have for the Gospel. What is the value of your faith? What is your view of eternity?  

Buried in the halls of Hell is a secret. If released this secret could seriously damage Satan's plan to keep Christians silent and immobile. The secret is that we have plenty of time. Satan knows that Christians already believe in the existence of Christ and His plan for mankind. And Satan knows that Christians believe in a real heaven and hell. So, he must try and convince them that there is plenty of time. No rush. Satan does not want humanity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so he is trying to convince us that there is no need for urgency. 

And so, Christians must ask themselves a couple of important questions. Does our faith mean anything to us? And do we believe in an eternity for all mankind? I have always said that we will share our faith to the degree that we have been saved. How much has our faith meant to us? Have we simply grown up in this and been a part of a culture, or, has our life been changed by the power of Christ and His message? Satan would love to lure us into thinking that our faith isn't of much value and we should keep it to ourselves. 

Sometimes we might think that people will not respond to our outreach efforts. Does that matter? If someone were standing in the road and a truck was bearing down upon them, what would be our response? Do we open our mouth? Do we jump in front of the truck and rescue our friend? Is the reality of eternity something that means anything to us? 

Something happened in hell 2,000 years ago when Jesus showed up. Thinking that He was dead, Satan and the inhabitants of hell were throwing a party. And all of a sudden…KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! And when it was all over, Jesus walked out of hell with the keys to death, hell, and the grave. His authority has assured us that we have the same power to bring that message to others.