Viral Christianity

Viruses. Viral marketing. Viral videos. Viral communication. Viral diseases. Going Viral. The word literally means that something is replicated and popularized by spreading quickly. Generally from one person to another. HaHa. Love it. Because it makes me think of Christianity. 

What about Viral Christianity?   

Malcolm Gladwell (author of 'The Tipping Point' and 'Blink') offers a quick interview on the relationship of viral movements and evangelism. After watching this video, please notice the characteristics that he mentions are necessary traits for people who will lead evangelistic efforts - Credibility, Knowledge, Trust, and Authority.

So, what does Viral Christianity look like? The Book of Acts is one place to see it in action. Here, we see the principles that brought transformation in the NT church spreading through a hand-full of people in a matter of a few short years. My challenge is that we as believers develop these four traits that Gladwell mentions in his video. 

Credibility comes from daily integrity. Knowledge is developed through reading and study. Trust is created by spiritual relationship. And, our authority will be established from each of these.