The View From Here...

Sitting outside on my patio on a beautiful September afternoon in Minnesota. Normally I wouldn't be doing this. But, I am on a little 'break'.

Over the past year I have had a problem with my Achilles. All athletes have to deal with a worn out Achilles at some point in their careers I am told. The beginning of my problems were met with the usual "i'll work it out" and "it's just a strain". Ice it and a little rest and keep moving. Then, this summer at several youth camps, by the end of the day, my foot would be done.

So, a few weeks ago I am playing ball at Lifetime (and killin it against the young guys) and my foot gives way like never before and I pull up lame. I tell the guys I'm done beating 'em up and take a shower. A few days later my Dr. says your Achilles is torn about 65%. No stairs and a slow gait until we can do surgery. That's why I am sitting outside on a beautiful September afternoon in Minneapolis. 

I miss the students and the life of the University. Especially since it is the first two weeks back at school. So, I just finished a skype session with one of my classes and now I am doing some Master's work and reading. Humbling to think that life goes on without our contribution. Here's what I have learned the past week lying on my back:

First, I can see God better. You know, looking straight up allows me to have a little better focus. Not that you can only see God from a couch. But, I like the view.

Second, life is slower after surgery. And that is a good thing to me. I normally think that fast is production. But, this pace has been really restorative to me.

Third, don't do drugs. The narcotics they gave me have made me sick and dizzy. Some would say I am always sick and dizzy. But, these are no good. Back to a bottle of Tylenol and dealing with a little pain for me.

Fourth, there is nothing more important to me than my family. I already knew that, but, they have proven it to me again. Jaren is making sure I have what I need, Jorie is making me the best oatmeal I have ever tasted, and when Justen wanted to watch 'Soul Surfer' with me, I would have stayed up all night.

Anyway, God always wins. He needed me to stop. And so I have. And He has taught me some great lessons for life.