Wyoming Teen Camp

Rattlesnakes. Canyons. Prop flight. And a big sky. But, that wasn't the highlight of the week. I seriously met some of the finest young people on the planet this week. Shout out to the leaders of the Wyoming district. You are raising some great kids out there.

The theme for the camp was 'Revolution'. And that is exactly what we got. One story from a young man by the name of Alex. He is a sophomore football player who has been an atheist. REmarkable how he even got to camp. But, God was so evident and real on the first night of camp, that Alex commited his life to Christ at the beginning of the week.

When we were talking, here's what he said to me. "Jeff, I have never felt this before." Maybe the best way to reach someone who doesn't believe in a God is to ask God to reveal Himself. Revelation sure beats apologetics and arguments. Sometimes, I think the heart is the best place to battle with an atheist.

One more story. Her name is Kim. Everyone knows she is the girl who has Lupus. Well, she had Lupus. The pain she has been living with for years was completely gone after we prayed for her Tuesday night! More to come on that as they get home and have Kim tested. Praise God for His faithfulness and His revelation to a generation who is ready to do something significant.