summer blogs from camp...

So, the next 7 weeks of camp will be pretty life-changing. What a great way to see what is influencing young people right now and what makes up their world. I mean, we think we know just by watching them, talking to them, breaking down their world, and looking at their cultural medium. But, there is no replacement for being with them. All kinds of them. From Wyoming to Ohio and places between. Junior high, senior high, and young adults. Even adult youth leaders and the people who shape them. 

In one more year we enter "The Teen Decade". Those years from 2013 to 2019. It only happens once a century. These 7 years must become the focus of the church so that we can reach the most influential generation in history. I have begun to pray for the greatest youth revival America has ever seen. Beyond the university awakenings on the East Coast a couple hundred years ago, the circuit riders who traversed the bible belt, and the Jesus Movement of the West Coast. 

Here are my prayers for this summer and the coming Teen Decade:

  • An awakening of young people to their God-given callings
  • To see young people take their place in business, media, government, education, entertainment, and the church
  • For the church to recognize the priority of young people and to be willing to change in order to reach and to engage them
  • Boldness for our Christian young people to impact their culture
  • I am praying for youth leaders to take their calling seriously to pastor the students who are in our churches, and to reach the 20 million teens in American schools
  • For families to be led by parents or a parent who will love their children 
  • I am praying for a spiritual revolution in the lives of the adults who are the mentors and the leaders over this generation 
  • Asking God for salvation and spiritual awakening in the key models for young people (business, media, government, education, and entertainment icons) 
Over the course of this summer I will be blogging about my conversations with young people. Check in to hear what God is doing. Read and educate yourself on the make-up of the American Teen. Of course, photos to follow also...