Sometimes history can be as important as reality...

So, last day in Jersualem. Slept in and then had a great buffet breakfast. Went to the old city one more time and then back to hotel. Ran 5 miles around the temple mount and back to the pool. Now, at the cafe sipping tea and eating bread on the streets. What a great week for me. I tell my students all the time that rest is vital to effective ministry. This was a restful week. After giving so much the last semester or so, I needed a break.

Now, running around the country of Israel wasn't exactly vacation. However, this trip taught me several things. First, read my 'Manners and Customs of the Bible' much more. But, the greatest lesson of the week for me? Our guide would often say that we are not sure about the validity of a site or the location of the story 100%. But, I have learned by visiting these sites that the Spirit of God is in the story and not always a place. My lesson to pass on to each of you?

That history can sometimes be as important as reality. 
Now, home to the family for a week and then 7 weeks of summer camp with my babies.