Sensing the power of God in Galillee today

Riding across the Sea of Galillee was a trip back to Homiletics 2 at NCU. Why? Our tour guide asked Steve Svoboda (who came on the trip with me this week) to preach a 10 minute sermon when we were half away across the Sea. Well, the memory jog led me back to Homiletics 2 in NCU a few years ago with Steve in the class. Everyone who knows Steve has seen his passion for people and preaching. What I didn't realize was that he would be preaching in this setting in just a few years. How many young youth pastors can say they have preached where Jesus has? Steve's words were powerful.

Steve did a great job and the people loved him. He spoke of Jesus walking to the disciples in the Stormy seas to calm what they were going through. A great word.

As we get to the other side I have to say that I was anxious to see the region of the Gadarene. The story is found in Mark 5 as Jesus crosses over the Sea to Gadara where the young man had been tormented by spirits for years. It sounds like a story out of some hollywood scene. Seeing the hillside and the tombs in the side of the road was chilling. I literally was stairing at the cove and the area where this took place for minutes. Moved by the power of God over hell. 

The other highlight of the day was our trek to Mt. Herman to see where Abraham made the covenant with Jehovah. An amazing site to behold. Knowing that the whole region of Canaan was blessed by this encounter was a powerful moment for me. But, we are still being blessed by the influence of Abraham on our generation. Genesis 15-16 tell of God's faithfulness through Abraham as the faith father of us all. I can say that my faith was increased today to believe what Jehovah has for me also. Here's a look at some pics from that visit up to the northern regions of old Canaan land.

Mt. Hermon where Abraham and God made a covenant that would never end

Wednesday we are off to the Dead Sea region. Looking forward to what God is going to teach us there.