A palace, a chariot race, and a conversation with a grieving parent

Day two. And some of the best times have been meeting the people on the tour with us. A pastor from Pennsylvania, a young missionary couple from Montenegro, a professor from Nigeria, etc, etc, etc. But, my favorite conversation was at dinner tonight. I chose to sit at a table with a couple and found out they had just lost their 17 year old son to a car accident. As we talked at dinner over some of the best food I have ever had, tears filled the fathers eyes as he shared his relationship with his son with me. Some great memories came out the next few minutes. To be honest, if this was part of the reason I was on this trip, it has been worth it. I look forward to more conversations with this couple.

So, on to the tour. Wow, where to start. So, I will put up a few pics and write a sentence or two for each...

This is the place of Herods palace in Caesarea (first picture). Stunning. It was amazing to walk there and to see the place of his home, his stables, and the hippodrome where the chariots raced (the second picture). It was here that Cornelius had his vision in Acts 10 and called for Peter. We stood on the spot where Peter would have arrived coming in to this beautiful port.

The next place we visited was Mt. Carmel up the coast of the Mediterranean Sea north of Caesarea. It was chilling to hear the guide read the story from 1 Kings 18 and the challenge that Elijah gave to the baal prophets. As God showed up in a supernatural way, fire came from heaven right near the spot we were standing and 450 pagan prophets were destroyed as  God showed His face on behalf of a lone prophet Elijah and his cry for a real God to show up.

I truly believe that God will show up on our behalf when we call upon His name. It was hear also that Gideon's army was assembled. What a great spot to see today. There was so much power in this valley.

Sometimes we lose the reality that these are real places. And the players are real people. What I sensed today through this visit was that God's spirit is still present today and He desires to see us doing great things just as these men were called by God to write history.