Kumquats and Peter's house...

Day one was in flight. Day two has just ended and we are in Tel Aviv. The pictures show our hotel view on the Mediterranean Sea. I keep having to remind myself that I am not on a mission trip. This is pure vacation and education. And what a start.

Kumquats for supper (Tel Aviv)

I was born in California and raised on fruit. Kumquats. Nothing like them. We are walking through the line and past the fish, beef, chicken, breads, and vegetable salads. Then, right up in front of me. A Kumquat. We had them growing in our yard in San Francisco. Now I am in Israel and eating 5 of them! Probably pay for it tomorrow. What a journey from a young elementary and middle school kid in California to a university professor in Minneapolis. God had a sense of humor today and reminded me why I am so blessed. His grace in my life, my incredible family, and Kumquats.

Peter's House in Joppa (just south of Tel Aviv)

Walking up to his house on the Sea you could sense his crazy spirit running around. 

That was the educational part of the trip. As I sat in front of the house there were so many memories running through my mind. One of them was the day that Peter went up on top of the house to pray. It was in chapter 10 of Acts that he had a vision. I couldn't help but wonder how powerful a moment that must have been. I prayed that God would speak to me again as He has many times. Still waiting as I am blogging at a little cafe on the Sea just north of Peter's house.